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Magento 2 Dropship Return – Dropshipping RMA

Magento 2 Dropship Return – Returns are always treated as a pain in online or offline business. It gets more complicated if you are doing it in your dropship business.

As per our previous blogs discussion about the dropship, Magento 2 is a brilliant platform to start your dropship business along with webkul dropship extension. I am considering that you are already aware of our previous dropship blogs entries if not I would recommend to go through with them first.


OK, so now you are good to go to understand Magento 2 Dropship returns. Will discuss this situation one by one

This is by far and the most important part you as an online reseller need to understand.  Also, you must mention the return policy under the product page as it is very much possible that various supplier has various return or refund policy. So it is kind of mandatory to mention the refund and return policy in the product page.

The best example you may check at aliexpress

You may see that supplier already mentioned all the details over there about the refund and returns.

Also, a lot of dropship reseller mentioned little less time for refund example if the supplier offers 30-day refund policy reseller may apply it for 25 days so that they may have some room for adjustment.

This is something you as an online dropship retailer need to do but does that solves the return problem?

Well, No process in this world can manage the return or refund but for sure you may reduce that amount and this is our process so that Magento 2 dropship return are less and retailer can earn more.


It’s a big pain and you as a primary face of the purchase you can’t escape from it. Also, this issue can be smoother if you have a better relationship with your supplier or you understand their policies. 

 There can be various cases also it depends upon the refund policy of the product either you issue a refund or not?

But as per my opinion and experience, most of the supplier offers a refund in case of broken or damaged product. 

Problem comes in the category of the

  RMA reason – “Item did not match the product description”


This part is really a big pain and it’s hard to manage. Based on item price and shipping you need to decide it out either you offer a refund or not. Also, you can offer a credit as well.

As nowadays almost every shop owner have their own kind of wallet system you can offer the customer for the same like the refund will be transacted to the wallet and it will be used in next time purchase. wallet system you can offer the customer for the same like the refund will be transacted to the wallet and it will be used in next time purchase. 

This part is really innovative and it will boost the confidence of your customer to purchase from you again and again.


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