Why Marketplace Extension?

Marketplace comes with great set of features and super power packed add-ons.

Muti Vendor E-commerce Marketplace is a revolutionary product by which any E-commerce store can be converted into full fledge Marketplace site where Seller can Mange their product (CRUD) and can operate any operation literally. Any operation From Shipping Management to Invoice Printing and from Blog writing to Seller Buyer Communication.

We are living in an E-commerce Age where everything is just a click away so if you are having a store and you are not enabling the feature where other seller or small shops are adding the product then obviously you will be out of race.

Here our Marketplace solution can help , it really doesn’t matter which E-commerce Platform you are using because we provide the same solution in all.


Each and every seller have their unique profile.

Nowadays, Online Marketplace is the new trend and Webkul Marketplace is a perfect module which converts your Online Store into a complete online marketplace shop. Any buyer can become a seller and can sell their products on Marketplace. The seller can manage the inventory, orders.

Product Catalogue

Sellers can curate their very own product collection.

Webkul Marketplace provides validation / check from the admin's end. When any seller registers in a Marketplace or adds a new product, it directly goes to the admin for the approval. Once the admin approves the seller or the product, then it is listed in the Marketplace.

Rating and Reviews

Customers can rate or review respective Sellers.

Webkul Marketplace allows the customer to provide their valuable reviews about the sellers and can rate them. This rating system is very important as it encourages the sellers to provide better services related to the products to the customers.


Store owner can earn per-sale commissions from the Sellers.

Webkul Marketplace allows the owner or the admin to set commission. The seller pays a commission (share) of the sold goods to the admin as a commission. The admin can set a global commission (fixed percent applicable for all the sellers in the Marketplace).

Advanced Reports

Sellers have a complete dashbaord for their respective statistics.

Webkul Marketplace allows its sellers to create an invoice for their products. For the report generation, we have add-ons for the different platform, by which the seller can generate the report of their total sales, the sale of any particular product, etc.

Shipping and Taxes

Sellers can separately manage shipping and taxes from their end.

Webkul Marketplace allows its sellers to manage the shipment of their products. The seller can contact to the courier company and add the tracking number and then create the shipment. This functionality provides a sense of freedom to the sellers as they can ship their products to the customers.

Responsive Design

Marketplace Extension is designed with Mobile first approach.

Webkul Marketplace supports RWD (Responsive Web Design). This module is developed in such a way that it is always compatible with all devices like smartphones, laptop, tabs or any other portable device. So its responsive feature allows the sellers and admin to manage the Marketplace in an efficient way.


Marketplace becomes even more powerful with its add-ons

To enhance the functionality of Webkul Marketplace, we have a wide range of add-ons for the Marketplace. You just have to decide the platform and then select the respective Marketplace. After that, if you need any other feature, we have add-ons for you and if the add-on is not available, we can develop it exclusively for you (Condition apply- Customization)

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