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Magento 2 DropShipping – Order Automation

Magento 2 Drop Shipping – Order Automation: As discussed in the previous blog posts about drop ship inventory feeds and importing product from aliexpress, we will discuss dropship order automation in Magento 2. 

Order Automation in dropship business is quite a big task. Imagine if you are having 1000 order per day which is quite common and you are managing it manually then it will consume a good amount of time.

Magento 2 dropship extension manage most of order management part automatic. Even if you are using any dropshipping software please ensure that order automation part is there or not.

Magento 2 Dropshipping automation software –

Using Magento 2 Dropship Extension supplier can choose shipping methods and based on that shipping and tracking or order can be managed. This is quite beneficial for the supplier shipping management.

Every supplier will get order email notification based on their product SKU. Which helps dropship supplier to communicate every time with the shop. Along with order notification, a Purchase order ( PO )of the item purchase will be sent to the supplier.

If you are dealing with multiple supplier or marketplaces in that case things get more complicated. That’s why order automation is a must have feature.

Magento 2 Dropship Software –  Allows order auto routing as well as manual assignment. That means

based on the supplier product SKU  and inventory order notification will be sent to the supplier. Even Admin can assign the order to a different supplier in the case of stock unavailability.

Still, if you have any kind of dropshipment query or doubt please don’t hesitate to ask.


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