Multi Vendor Marketplace For Salesforce B2C Commerce

Elevate your Salesforce eCommerce business to unprecedented heights with us - the game-changer you've been waiting for. Transform your Salesforce eCommerce experience using Multi Vendor Marketplace for Salesforce B2C Commerce. It is the best solution specially made for B2C Commerce which helps you to integrate multiple vendors under one platform. You can also expand your products effortlessly and manage everything easily. 

So don’t settle for less. Create your Multi Vendor Marketplace for Salesforce B2C Commerce now.

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Features of Multi Vendor Marketplace For Salesforce B2C Commerce


  1. Marketplace Capabilities
  2. Vendor Management
  3. Marketplace Administration
  4. Vendor On-boarding and Subscriptions
  5. Seller-Buyer Payout
  6. The admin has full access to the profile, products, and orders of sellers.
  7. Admin can approve or add new sellers to their marketplace.
  8. Sync categories and products available in your eCommerce store.
  9. Admin can create the seller membership plan according to their terms.
  10. You have access to create the seller’s admin.
  11. Admin can create the payout for the seller once it shows the order status as completed.
  12. The transaction status is handled by the admin for approval and disapproval.
  13. Admin provides proper instructions to add the seller login page at the storefront.


  1. Vendor Stores
  2. Store Management
  3. Order Fulfillment
  4. Shipment and Tracking
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Vendor Invoices
  7. Exposure to B2C Platform Capabilities
  8. Vendor Dashboard and Reports.
  9. The seller will get a separate control panel to manage the things.
  10. The seller can view their orders and can change the order status.
  11. When the order is complete the seller can request for the withdrawal.
  12. The seller can add the products from the backend.

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