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B2B Marketplace connects Vendors and Buyers with a couple of business tools. Both Magento 2 and Bagisto are available for B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

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What is b2b Marketplace ?

B2b or business to business marketplace – B2b Multi vendor marketplace is a platform which connects vendors and buyer.

There are other possibilities as well- 

  • B2b Marketplace connects suppliers with retailer
  • B2b Marketplaces connects manufacturers with distributors
  • B2b Marketplaces connects Vendors with customers 

and there are several use cases like this.


Why B2B Marketplace is required?

Commerce is growing very rapidly and after the Alibaba success story, B2b marketplaces are required in almost every country and also in every industry.

B2b Marketplaces directly connects suppliers to the retailers with couple of business to business tools –

Request for quote ( RFQ )


Purchase Order

Price list

Shopping list

Multi user accounts

Quick order (order via csv)

Order approval

Sales rep management

Customer approval

Customisable catalogue


How to create a b2b Multi Vendor Marketplace?

B2b marketplaces are complex in nature even building a marketplace requires a huge amount of market research and merchants experience.

Obviously Any one can start the b2b marketplace development from scratch but that will cost huge amount of money + time as well.

As we are building marketplaces from last 13 years and we are the largest suppliers of multi vendor marketplace software in the world. Here are our recommendation

Open source – choose open source frameworks or tools, as customisation is the key part in any b2b store or marketplace.

Community support – Along with open source ensure that community support is also there. Example B2b shops also requires huge amount of 3rd party integrations without having a proper community support framework may stuck at various places like

API integration with various retailers and dropshippers.

Payment and escrow management

Shipping and logistics management

Accounting Management

Multi channel Integration

API integration with various retailers and dropshippers.

Available platform for B2b Multi Vendor Marketplace

Solid E-commerce backing

Whatever framework or tools you are using make sure they have all the supported component available. Example – in b2b catalogue size grows exponentially. So searching could be a big problem. 

So support for 3rd party search engins like elastic would be a great help.  This should be from the start.


Available platforms for B2b Multi Vendor Marketplace

Magento 2 B2b Marketplace

Magento 2 is by far the most popular open source ecommerce platform. Magento 2 is already having a great b2b suite. 

Using Magento 2 B2B multi vendor marketplace anyone can easily create the Multi supplier marketplace. 

This Business to business multi seller marketplace includes 

  • Inbuilt RFQ ( request for quote )
  • Pre built Quick order
  • Supplier microsite
  • Supplier catalogue management
  • Supplier response rate and response time
  • Vendor/Supplier messaging and communication

and many more. Along with that all of addons supported by Multi vendor marketplace are supported in B2b Marketplace as well. 



Bagisto B2B Marketplace

Bagisto is a new kid in the town. But gained enormous popularity among the community, specially in laravel and vuejs. Best suited for b2b headless ecommerce. 

It already includes Most of the features provided by Magento 2 B2b Marketplace also include headless + PWA structure as well. 


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