Top 3 eCommerce Platform for Headless Marketplace

Headless development is critical for any eCommerce organization these days because of its popularity and success.

It is a prime concern for any business merchant to select the right platform for their eCommerce website development.

Headless websites have separated the frontend from the backend and both will be connected through APIs.

Here are the top three suggested headless commerce development platforms for eCommerce websites to make the decision easier for store merchants.

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Magento 2 is an eCommerce platform that uses GraphQL, Next.JS, and React to build powerful websites.

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that use a headless approach with its Shopify Plus version. It is popular for headless commerce as it uses GraphQL.

Bagisto is on the list of the top suggested headless commerce platforms due to its compatibility with the headless method with Next.JS, Vue storefront, and GraphQL.

The headless approach in eCommerce is becoming successful over traditional commerce for numerous reasons. In headless commerce, there can be used different tools and frameworks for the front end.   

Moreover, here are some other reasons are listed why headless development is beneficial.

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Microservice integration is more feasible than the monolithic approach in headless development.

In every eCommerce marketplace, there is a requirement for many services to get data from different platforms.

For example; The store owner wants to use Akeneo and Pimcore for product information management. On the other hand, there is a need for a tax management system(Avalara/Taxjar) to collect tax information.

Headless commerce platforms are efficient in creating scalable websites due to their API-first approach and microservices use.

The headless technique is perfect for building a scalable eCommerce website.

It comes with plug-and-play kind of services using the standard API without changing the core code base.

APIs may quickly connect with other platforms and services, such as third-party software.

One of the main advantages of a headless structure is the improved core web vitals.

Core web vitals ensures a seamless user experience. It helps in improves the loading, interactivity, and visual stability of the website.

Business owners can select these top three eCommerce platforms for Headless Marketplace development for many reasons to build a good eCommerce website.

Here are some key reasons mentioned why the above platforms are ideal for marketplace development using a headless approach.

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  • The crucial part of choosing these platforms is API driven approach. These platforms are using the next-generation API approach GraphQL.
  • Furthermore, Shopify is using react based Hydrogen framework that offers a more personalized, unique, and fast eCommerce experience.
  • Magento 2 headless development supports the Vue Storefront for storefront creation. Along with it, if there is a use of Next.JS then the eCommerce website storefront will be more beautiful.
  • Bagisto is the world’s first front-end headless framework. Bagisto development with a headless approach can use Vue Storefront, react.js, and next.js which allows easy and attractive frontend development.

Thus, it is always vital to use headless commerce platforms for companies to adopt the right platforms for rich content generation.

These eCommerce platforms for headless development give website owners a smooth website development and the changes are also easy even after development.

However, the enhancement is in progress still selecting the right platform can make your website performance.

That is all about the Top 3 eCommerce Platform for Headless Marketplace. Please feel free to contact us at the Webkul support system in case of any queries. 

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