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Magento 2 Dropship Extension – Dropship Supplier Vs Manufacturer Supplier

Magento 2 Dropship Extension – Dropship Supplier Vs Manufacturer Supplier – Starting an online business is hard especially when you are managing inventory from different suppliers.

Many E-commerce startup businesses think only sourcing inventory will solve the problem but that is not true. When you are starting a business you need to be sure- for inventory source, you are going with manufacturer supplier or dropship supplier.

Let me explain the complete different between both of them and why they are critical for your Magento 2 dropship business.

Well, let’s start from very beginning suppose you want to start your online e-commerce dropship business with Magento 2. Magento 2 is for sure a very good and scalable choice for starting your dropship business.

So now you have set up your retail store based on Magento 2. But what about the inventory? Here come the real issues. You can go to local supplier or manufacturer. That is great but you need to be very sure that either they either supply the inventory or not to end customer?

Mostly they don’t offer that and that’s why such kind of supplier are not useful for you B2C  online e-commerce store. 

For sure you can use it but a lot of effort will be involved in this case.


This is something every dropship store need to care. Dropship suppliers will ship the item to end customer either its b2b or b2c. So when you are choosing your supplier for your dropship business to make sure they are dropship suppliers.


Magento 2 dropship catalog

Aliexpress is perfect Example for the dropship supplier automation. You will loads of dropship suppliers in the

Magento 2 Aliexpress


Aliexpress is by far the best dropship inventory sourcing site along with eBay, amazon. Our automated solution for inventory source solves this problem on the different platform including Opencart Dropship Automation software

Still, have any query regarding the Dropship Extensions or Dropship business setup please don’t hesitate to ask at




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