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Alibaba Clone Using Opencart

In this post Webkul is going to tell you tell you about, how you can easily create clone using Opencart and Webkul’s Opencart Marketplace with its addons.

Alibaba the chinese leading e-commerce company, operating as the worlds largest online marketplace for both as international and also for the domestic trade of china. is one of the worlds biggest marketplace mainly and majorly selling products of china. The portal began in 1999, it is a business to business(B2B) portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. The market place is having many unique features which helps the buyer and seller to sell or purchase products easily.

Alibaba’s Home page

The home page of is very unique and loaded with various features. At front page company is having a banner on top, then different links for buyers and sellers for login to the marketplace. In home screen you can see the categories with a unique feature i.e side menu on mouse hover for subcategories. You can also see a picture slider on the centre.

Home page

Webkul’s marketplace & Addons
You can easily create categories according to you in Opencart Marketplace module.

landing page

You can also set a slider on you front page by usnig our Opencart Banner Slider module.


For different login links we have Opencart Marketplace Vendor Attribute Manager .– There are two ways to login the website i.e as seller or as buyer. Both the parties can sell or purchase products. The signup page for both requires different information, both the signup page have their different fields.

WEBKUL– We are having Vendor Attribute Manager for this feature where admin can set extra information fields for the seller to fill up at the time of registration.

vendor attribute manager

Seller profile In they are having a mini website for every seller and under that all their relevant information can be shown like- their company profile, owners history, videos about the company, pictures of their manufacturing units, pictures of their employees, etc.

seller co. profile

WEBKUL: We are having seller profile page where seller’s Avatar, location, Seller can write written policies, Link for seller collection page, Reviews for the Seller, location, etc.

seller profile

Contact seller

In every product page is having a button to contact the seller as it is primarily a B2B marketplace so this feature is very much useful for the buyers and the sellers.

Contact supplier

Webkul: This feature is default available in Opencart system, so that buyer can easily send their queries to the seller. You can refer to the screenshot below

contact seller

Here you can easily contact the seller and ask anything about the product and term & conditions, products, prices, etc.

Add product
In adding a product is very easy and not only the sellers but the customer can also add upto 50 products.

Add product 1st step

In the above image you can see you have to select the category for the product. Now after selecting the category user have to fill all the required information about the product. You can refer the below screeneshot.

Add product2

After that you have to fill the description of the product. Detailed descrition helps the customer to know more about the product.

Description Information Area

In the next step you have to fill the trade and logistic details of the product so that customer can be aware of the delivery time and it will also build trust over the buyers.

Trade & logistics information

Now we have came to the last step and in this you have to select the group for the product even you can create new group for the your product. And on right side of your screen you can view the completeness of the product information.

Completeness information

So, we have discussed all the steps to add a product in now we will discuss how you can add products in our Opencart Marketplace module.

add product1

The above image is displaying the 1st tab “General” in this seller can add the basic information about the product and then move to the next tab “Data”.

add product2

In the above image you can see that the seller can add the important data for the product like- price, tax class, image, minmum quantity, etc. After filling up required data the seller will move to the next tab “Link” where seller can select categories and fill up other informations.

add product3

In the above image you can see the various tabs from which the seller can easily add various features, discounts, special price, rewards, etc for the products.

Product Page

Product page of is having various information about the product like this-

product page

In the above image you can see the product page displaying the image and information about the product along with the information of the seller on right side. You can select quantity from the quantity box, you can buy it by clicking on buy now or you can add it to cart. You can also send the order request to the seller.

Webkul:Now we will show you the product page of our Opencart Marketplace Multi Vendor Module.

product page

In the above image you can see our product page which displays the image and information of the product along with the sellers information. It also shows the reviews and rating of the product.

Similar product offered by other sellers

The website is having a good feature i.e when a buyer opens a product page it is showing some related advertisement of similar products from different sellers.

Different seller product

WebkulFor this feature we are having Opencart Price Comparision Marketplace module. You can refer to the below screeshot for example.

price comparision

Now after this feature we will move to an different feature which is the basic feature of Alibaba.


Customer Service

The website is showing a customer service tab in every page this is a unique feature in Alibaba’s portal.

Customer service

Webkul: For customer support we are having a Opencart Helpdesk module. like this.

support center

In the above image you can see the support center tab is shown at the top of the page. By using this link customers can easily generate ticket to the helpdesk of the marketplace.

Purchasing a product

In for most of products you have to quote the seller at first then they will allow you to add the product to the cart because the is primarily a B2B site but there are some sellers who provides the B2C transactions so you can easily purchase their products. Now we will show you how you can purchase a product.

Ali checkout

This is the checkout page and it contains all the information about the product along with the information of the sellers and the buyer.

In the below screenshot you will see the contact information of the buyer and the seller. Buyer can write any remarks for the shipping, payments, products, etc.

Contact infor buyer seller

Now after filling up the contact information, customer will be move to next level where payment information is displayed.

Payment info

After complition of the payment information buyer have to select the shipping method.

shipping info

So, thats how you can purchase product from the

Now we will show you that how easily you can purchase products from our Opencart marketplace module. The below image is displaying the cart page.


The below image is showing the whole checkout page you can see various steps of the checkout page. In this image the 1st step billing information is shown.


After the shipping information, the below image is showing the third step i.e select the shipping method here the buyer have to select the shipping method for the delivery.


After selecting the shipping method, now the below image is displaying the fouth step of the checkout, in this the payment information is displayed here the buyer have to select the payment gateways or method to pay for the purchase.


After selecting the payment method, now This image is showing the last step of the checkout. In this step the buyer can review their purchase and you can also see some options on right side to change the existing information for the checkout.


There are various amazing features added in for buyer and sellers.

Layered Navigation provides a layered anvigation for the buyer, so that they can easily search for their desired products. As we all know is having a wide and versatile range of products so finding the right product is very difficult for the buyer and by using the layered navigation buyers can easily find thr right product for the purchase.

Ali Layered navigation

WebkulThis feature can be easily achieved by our Opencart Advanced Layered Navigation module. You can also provide your customer a layered navigation tool. This will help your customer to search for their desired product without investing much time.

layered navigation

Chat with Seller gives a unique feature to the buyer to chat with the seller, so that customer can easily ask queries about the product, price, delivery&shipment etc.

Alibaba seller chat

Webkul: This kind of feature is available and you can easily add this feature to your marketplace by using the Webkul’s Opencart Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat module this will increase the goodwill of the seller among the buyers and it will also create a strong relationship between buyer and seller. It is very much beneficial for the seller to retain customers for long time.


So, thats all for this case study. You can easily create a website or marketplace like by using our Opencart Marketplace addons to flurish your ecommerce business around the world.

Hope you have understood how to create Alibaba Clone Using Opencart and Webkul’s Marketplace with its addons.

You can visit our store WEBKUL and you can explore more beneficial addons for the Marketplace.

Disclaimer- is a registered trademark. Webkul is not a partner or an affiliator of . This blog is only for the user perspective.


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