Need of Sales Rep in Magento 2 B2B Store and Marketplace

A sales rep or sales representative is a professional who is working closely with the B2B clients in selling company’s product and services.

An assigned sales rep is responsible for providing a smoother sales process from understanding the requirements, to explaining the products, and managing the entire customer account.

sales rep

Unlike a sales associate or salesperson, a sales rep’s job is different. Sales reps are mostly required for b2b industry, where large-scale orders are processed.

Sales rep needs to find right b2b customers, sell them services, and retain them. A sales rep needs to build a strong relationship with the clients in order to get a continuous revenue incoming.

In order to interact and communicate with the clients, a sales rep may need to:

  • make phone calls
  • exchange emails
  • do face-to-face meetings
  • attend business events

Sales rep acts a company’s representative who’s roles is to persuade clients, negotiate prices, demonstrate product’s value to close the deal.

Every B2B company these days require a team of sales reps, who are constantly managing multiple key accounts. And assist clients in all the phases of a sales cycle. As follows:

  • prospecting
  • approaching
  • need assessment
  • presentation
  • close the deal
  • follow-up

The requirement of sales rep even exists on the online store B2B store or marketplace. As sales rep is the primary point of contact for a company account. One sales rep can manage accounts for multiple companies.

From receiving all the emails to negotiating the quotes, communicating to the buyer, managing the account and assisting the buyer in completing the order.

In the base, Magento platform (Open Source and Commerce), the sales rep feature is missing. However, in Magento for B2B Commerce platform, you can create an Admin User account and assign it as a Sales Representative for a company.


Now, the question comes in, how to add the sales rep feature in your current Magento store/marketplace. You can either create an Admin User and assign some specific roles as required.

But, when you are creating a multi-vendor/supplier B2B Marketplace for Magento 2, then you will need to use Multi-User Sub-Account feature. With this, a supplier can create sub-account users with assigned roles and permissions.


With a team of multiple seller sub-account users, each having assigned roles and responsibilities, the business can be managed efficiently. b2b-seller-sub-users

The main seller or a supplier can create various sub-users who can perform activities on the behalf of a customer or a supplier:

  • Sales reps – communicating to clients, negotiate quotations, place order, quick assistance
  • Merchandiser – catalog management, product listing, inventory control, suppliers communication
  • Accounts – managing sales records, invoices, tax calculation, payments
  • Marketer – manage social channels, brand promotion, deals, discounts, offers

Now, let’s discuss some other key essential B2B features which are required by the sales rep to make their job easier. Such as pricelist, quick order, quote, etc.

Pricelist – Different prices and price rules can be created for different types of clients. With Pricelist, a sales rep can offer prices according to customer groups, products, categories, quantity, etc.


Quick Order – It is required when you quickly want to buy more than one products in bulk. With Quick Order, a buyer can search a product by SKU or name and proceed to checkout directly without the need to visit each product page.


Quotes – In the B2B market, a buyer submits a request for a quotation from the seller, negotiates the price, and then proceed to payment. Managing quotes is a must-have feature for any B2B ecommerce or marketplace platform.

With Request for Quote feature, a buyer can communicate with multiple suppliers. Also, all communication during the negotiation process is recorded.

When a quote gets approval from a supplier, the buyer can then proceed to the checkout process from the quote.


For making your Magento 2 platform into a complete B2B e-commerce store or marketplace, you can check various solutions especially built for business-to-business merchants.

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That’s all for Need of Sales Rep in Magento 2 B2B Store and Marketplace still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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