Convert your Store into Marketplace

Products are sold by Store Owner
Installing Marketplace Extension
Products are sold by Sellers

Use Case

Nowadays eCommerce is taking over major part of trades. We can easily see that lot of eCommerce stores are getting online each day and its becoming really difficult to stand out in the queue. So,What we can do to improve online presence of any eCommerce store?

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Top Notch Features


Each and every seller have their unique profile

Product Catalogue

Sellers can curate their very own product collection

Rating and Reviews

Customers can rate or review respective Sellers


Store owner can earn per-sale commissions from the Sellers

Shipping and Taxes

Sellers can separately manage shipping and taxes from their end

Advanced Reports

Sellers have a complete dashbaord for their respective statistics

Multi Theme Support

Support multiple themes and templates

Arabic/RTL Support

Adapts to both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left directions

Mobile App

Marketplace can be enhanced with native portable app

Contact Seller

Customers can directly ask questions to Sellers

Responsive Design

Marketplace Extension is designed with Mobile first approach


Marketplace becomes even more powerful with its add-ons

Customers Speaks

Kalei Stockstill Kalei Stockstill United States

I researched quite a bit for multi-vendor options and decided on Webkul Marketplace. I am very happy with their products and have added a bunch more of their add-on extension.

Ezio Grieco Ezio Grieco Italy

This extension is the best if you want to build a marketplace! The app is well designed and the support team is really ready to support you in every needed! A must have extension!

Samantha Peake Samantha Peake France

In a very short time we have been able to set up a very professional-looking marketplace, that's very easy to use, and we've had top-level support from the Webkul team.

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