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Sales Reporting & Analytics in Ecommerce

eCommerce is the new trend in today’s era. You can find every kind of product on the online store with variations and options. e-Commerce has bridge the gap between the digital and physical shopping experiences for the users. You can find dedicated eCommerce Store for every kind of commodity. eCommerce stores are a boon for all of us in this hustle-bustle life.  We are busy in our lives and hardly gets time to do shopping for the basic needs and this is when the eCommerce Shops comes into play. You can easily browse the eCommerce online store on your smartphones, laptops, tablets and can do the shopping.

Now, in this article, I will explain you about most important feature of any eCommerce site and that is “Sales Reporting & Analytics”. It provides us an insight of your eCommerce site. You can easily come to know how much profit you made, most sold out product, most viewed product, etc which will help in increasing your sales & revenue.  Let us check the advantages of Sales Reporting & Analytics tools in your eCommerce website-

  1. Accurate data –  By the Sales Reporting & Analytics tools, you will have the detailed report about your eCommerce site. If you are a budding eCommerce site or mid-scale, then it is important for you to check every fragile point of your site. You cannot afford to miss any customer. You will get the proper report along with the images ( depending upon the tool you use) regarding the sales, customers. You can know which part of your site had most clicks and you can know which product is least sold.


  1. Creating Transparency–  The reports of Sales Analytics provides a clear picture of your eCommerce store. By this, you can take better marketing decision accordingly about your eCommerce site. It helps you in taking a decision about the site in a better way with a practical approach.


  1. Customer Loyalty– By the help of Sales Analytics, you can keep a track on all your customers. You can see your regular customers who purchase products at regular interval. So, for them, you can provide any reward by giving out credit points or discount coupons which would make the customer happy and their engagement with your store would be even more.


  1. Tracking customer’s movement–  You can also track the movement of your customers on your eCommerce store. The main motive is to provide a seamless path for shopping to your customers. You can also check if your customers are getting stuck at any point of time on your eCommerce site while browsing.


  1. Avoiding Fraudulent –  By the sales report and tracking, you can check the behavior of your customers on your eCommerce site. In case you sense something odd in the activity of your customer, you can easily track them and save your site from fraud.


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