Peer to Peer Marketplace

Nowadays, Online Marketplace is a new trend. You can create a Marketplace that allows multiple sellers to sell their products and buyers can buy the products.

Featuring as many niches at once is not an easy task. You have to dedicate your time in all the fields so that you can create an all-in-one marketplace or a “Peer-to-Peer” Marketplace.

In Peer to Peer Marketplace, a seller can sell their products, rent their goods to another person and offer other services types of products to another user from a single Marketplace Platform.

Target the need of your customers– Before creating any successful Peer-to-Peer Marketplace, a few things should be very clear like who will come to the sellers, what they will sell, or rent.

Will the goods of the seller be suitable for the customers and will it appeal to them? Will the profit come from the products added by the sellers?

These are the few questions which you should check before creating a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace and once you decide on these points, half of the task is done.

Communication between the Sellers and Buyers– A great Marketplace runs when the seller and buyers, both are happy.

Bridging a communication gap is necessary between the sellers and the buyer as it helps in resolving the doubts about the products, services and many times it helps in creating a great community.

  • The customer will have all the products and services under one roof so the time consumption would be less and more revenue will be generated.
  • You can include sellers with different fortes which will help in the branding of your Marketplace.
  • You can provide attractive discounts on the services and products which are on your Marketplace.
  • For example on Thanksgiving Day or Cyber Monday, you can provide lucrative offers to your customers to enhance the sales of your Marketplace.
  • Suppose there is a user called John Doe who is new in “New York”. He needs a sofa for his apartment and he is in New York for 1 month.
  • So, it will not be a proper decision to invest in a new sofa. One solution to this problem is that he can rent it. So, with the help of Peer to Peer Marketplace, one can easily search the dealer for sofa rent easily and use it.

Peer to Peer Marketplace is growing like a fire in the forest. People are coming to know its benefits.

Nowadays, people are playing safe by creating a dedicated Marketplace for specific products or services.

But slowly they are coming to know that customer is happy and satisfied when they get all their products/services under one umbrella.

So, Marketplace Owners are trying to add different services like rental products, other subscription services in their Marketplace.

Peer to Peer Marketplace would be the next level of the Marketplace or you can say an Advanced Marketplace.

With the help of Webkul Modules, you can also create Peer to Peer Marketplace.

As we offer Marketplace modules, so you can install the Marketplace Module on your platform and then the sellers can come and join your Marketplace for adding products, renting their products, and offering service-based products.

You can check Magento2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento2 Platform and Opencart Marketplace for the Opencart Platform will convert your online store into Marketplace with a separate seller product collection and feedback report and rating system.

The seller can add their products (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable) in Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module and Simple and Downloadable product types in Opencart Marketplace.

The sellers can manage the product inventory from the seller end, manage the shipping rates ( from the shipping Add-ons).

That’s all for Peer to Peer Marketplace still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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