Opencart B2B features

Opencart b2b features: As post commerce is growing day by day, There is a huge demand for b2b shops. There are loads of open source and wonderful platforms including Magento/Adobe Commerce, Prestashop, Shopify, woo commerce, etc.

As we are the largest supplier of marketplaces and E-commerce mobile apps in the world. We are quite aware of the trend.

Although it’s super important in all kinds of the shop either b2b or b2c. In b2b shops customization are super important. So, I am not a big supporter of saas solution on this part.

Still, you can use Shopify or bigcommerce for the same. But that’s not my choice. Why?

Customization is hard or Sometimes it’s not possible – This is the major challenge in saas solutions. As most of the customization takes place on cart and checkout which is impossible to edit in SAAS solutions.

We are a big believer in open source solutions. Thanks to loads of Open source commerce solutions. Some of the solutions come with a standard b2b suite like Magento and or commerce. All of them are great but today we will discuss opencart and why Opencart is best suited for a b2b shop.

Opencart is easy to set up. You don’t need to have a fancy cloud setup or dedicated hosting. You can easily run your opencart shop even in shared hosting.

Even if you are a small supplier or manufacturer and have less inventory of the products or have millions of SKU and running a b2b marketplace. Opencart is suited in both of the cases.

opencart is supported by a huge amount of extensions like b2b price list extension. Flexible pricing is super important is the most basic concept for any b2b shop.

edit pricelist-by-category

Along with price Quote is another important feature. Bulk Ordering is something highly required in any b2b shop.


Mobility is something that can not be ignored by anyone either b2b or b2c, It is something important that the b2b conversion cycle is long, so it is important to have information about the product every time.

banner image

Even it is best to have an open-source mobile appIn this way, you can also do customization as per the requirement.

That’s all for Opencart B2B features still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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