The Ultimate Guide to Opencart Ali Express Drop Shipping

There are several issues in the E-Commerce business related to product stocking. Lots of space and money are needed for stocking the product, that’s a very big problem.

As of now in the market, many suppliers sell their products offline as well as online. Suppliers hold products in a good amount of quantity in their warehouses.

Dropship allows you to sell products without holding the inventory in hand. You need to find a Dropship supplier that will hold the quantity on your behalf.

When you receive an order, you will forward it to the supplier, and the supplier will fulfill this order and ship it directly to the customer.

Luckily we have a robust system like Opencart. In Opencart everything is there as the complete shopping software. Opencart allows us to sell the product but it cannot provide us the sourcing of the product.

Instead of this, there are a lot of things that you need to find like choosing the right shipping companies, manufacturer, real product addition, supplier information, managing returns, managing taxes, tying up with shipping companies, manage taxes.

So still there are so many things that you have to manage themselves.

Most of the time we are starting the business there is a very big challenge for managing the warehouse. You cannot hold the inventory because there are several things.

You need a large amount of space to hold the inventory, items may be out of the demand for some time, very big amount of product cost also hold, items can be damaged, some inventory can also go bad after a certain time.

Still, you need to manage a lot of sales, social media sharing, affiliating, marketing, promotion, and SEO.

Yes, the main problem is there how to source the inventory. There may be two options to source the product, you can source products online or offline.

Of course, we will go online but online how and where? You must need to check whether the product you are adding is genuine or not. The supplier you are choosing is genuine or not. Communication with the seller is fast or not.

Now, the problem is there that how to find the genuine supplier and product.

In Ali Express there is every kind of products are available like. Lots of suppliers are there, extremely cheap products are available on Ali Express, Ali Express provides a service for shipping E-packet, that is free or very cheap.

Still, we have a problem adding products one by one from Ali Express. It consumes a very good amount of time. If you are doing it this way then it will take time same as finding a product offline.

ali express

In Opencart Ali Express integration you can import products from the Ali Express website with just one click. Also, you can order to the Ali Express website automatically on behalf of the customer. It will redirect you directly to the checkout page Ali Express.

So, now I will introduce you to how can you import the products of Ali Express to your store in a very easy way. Just install the extension “Webkul Aliexpress Importer” to your chrome browser and import the products with a single click.

After clicking on the icon of import you can see the product in your opencart store.


Suppose you have a website “ABC .com” and you have added products from Ali Express. When you will get an order to your opencart store then you can place an order to Ali Express(automatically) on behalf of the customer.

If we do it manually it takes a very good amount of time. So, you need product automation and order automation. And our tool gives you the same product automation and order automation.

review ali order

If you have already set up with Opencart, you can start your business just in one day. You can start taking an order, can start adding products in seconds, can find the supplier in seconds. You can run a successful dropshipping business regardless of where you’re located.

After setting up your website there are a lot of other challenges that need to be taken care of like how to find the right supplier for the products, the product is genuine or not, and much more.

You can find a lot of suppliers but you have to be super selective to find the right and genuine supplier. If you choose the right supplier then it is good to reduce the product returns and refund.

You should select the suppliers that only have a rating greater than 95%. Because at Ali Express we can assume that above 95% rating suppliers are good in all manners.

You need to pre communicate with the seller that how the supplier communicates in case of a broken product, by this you can check the response time. Almost, there is a chat system is available on the Ali Express website.

ali express

Also, you need to mention the delivery time based on the supplier with the highlighted font. Suppose if a supplier is giving delivery time 8 days then you can even add more days for the delivery time.

It will decrease the product refund. This feature of additional time to the shipping time is also there in the module.

You must have read the refund and return policies of the supplier and you can attach the policies on the product page.

You can verify the product by checking the order description and specification. Even you can order a sample product from the supplier.

You can also check the supplier by sample order to the supplier. You can place a random order to the supplier for checking their shipping time, product quality.

You can check the item shipped by the supplier is genuine or not. The product specification that the supplier mentioned is the same as the product or not.

You need to be very sure and double-check or cross verify with the supplier for branded items. That the supplier is providing the item is branded or local.

If the item shipped by the supplier is the same as you were ordered then you can go with the same supplier.

That’s all for The Ultimate Guide to Opencart Ali Express Drop Shipping still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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