Multi Channel Ecommerce Marketplace

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Marketplace is a need in today’s commerce world. That means if you are running a business and you are not putting it online in this way you are losing a lot of sales.

That’s why almost every big offline retailer nowadays is adding online commerce or e-commerce as another sale channel.


Even in your surroundings, you can see that online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and many more fill your regular day-to-day shopping experience.

Nowadays having an E-Commerce Store is not enough. It would be best if you had various sales channels to increase sales.

We will discuss different sales channels or you can say omnichannel sales or multichannel selling by which any store owner can increase their sales and conversions.

As I said that every E-Commerce Store should run as a Marketplace and that is not a fashion it is the need of the day.

You can check online that every big site I would say every Commerce website exist is a Marketplace.  Either it’s Amazon eBay or Alibaba clone using Magento 2.

So what is the benefit to run your eCommerce store as a Marketplace?  There are many I’ll explain one by one.

In a marketplace, there are lots of vendors who are responsible for adding products. That means your store will have lots and lots of products because of multiple vendors.

In this way, there are chances that lots of options will be available for the buyers. Also, search engines like Google or Yahoo will bring lots of organic traffic to your site as every product will create a new URL.

As vendors will also be profited by selling their items into your store they will share the link around their ecosystem.

Also over social media, will also increase the regular visitor traffic to your website and ultimately leads to more sale  conversions

Store owners can generate more profit on the commission. That means if you’re running an eCommerce Marketplace so as a store owner you can set some percentage commission on every sale.

Let’s say a buyer made a purchase of hundred US dollars and there is a commission of 20% on every purchase so you can imagine that store admin will get  20 dollars in this case.

The admin can also set up a Membership Marketplace in this kind of marketplace admin can create multiple vendor groups and the admin can charge vendors to build on their group.

So let’s say you are running an online marketplace and as a membership level you have free membership, basic, silver and Gold and respectively.

The basic membership fee will cost 10$ per month, Silver will cost 20 and gold will cost 30 dollars per month in this way also a store owner or marketplace owner can generate profit as well.

The marketplace store manager can also sell ads or featured products as another profit method so you can imagine there are multiple ways to generate more profit if you are running a marketplace.

Mobile commerce nowadays is going as a mainstream commerce channel and in many countries, m-commerce has surpassed especially in Asia and Africa where mobile penetration is much higher as compared to desktop.


There are various other advantages of mobile commerce like push notifications, availability, and promotions. We do offer mobile apps for retailers and marketplaces.

Selling on multiple marketplaces is obviously a boon nowadays so let’s say vendor A is selling at one marketplace and the same product he sells at eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba.

The main problem comes in this area is managing the stock at multiple channels so you need to choose the platform very carefully.

That is all for Multi Channel Ecommerce Marketplace blog article. If you want to start selling on multiple channels, contact our team over email, ticket or chat.

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