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What is Mass Payout

Mass Payout is an online facility that allows multiple payments at once. Multiple payments may be for a single recipient or many recipients. Mass payout pays directly from our business to vendors. Thousands of transactions can be completed in few seconds. It is a real time payout using various methods available in the market. We have also introduced PayPal Mass Payout feature in our Opencart Marketplace.

  • Payments in Bulk
  • Real-time payouts
  • Simultaneously payment
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to manage payouts
  • Send payments instantly, securely and quickly
  • Paypal Masspay
  • Payoneer Mass Payout
  • Transpay Mass Pay
  • Bank to Bank Payouts

Mass Payout works on API. Firstly a company sends Mass Payout request to gateways via API. After that gateway process each request then gateway takes payment amounts from company’s account and put into the recipient’s accounts.

for example: In PayPal Mass Payout when a mass payout request initiated the PayPal will process all requests. PayPal takes payment amount from requested company’s account and fund to the payee’s account. The payee receives funds and can withdraw in their currency. You can check the working of Mass Payout feature in the user guide of our Opencart Marketplace.

  • E-commerce Marketplace Payouts
  • Affiliates Payouts
  • Company’s Employee Payouts

In Marketplace, many vendors exist. It is very hard to pay many vendors individually. It is time taking and lengthy process. For solving this kind of problems we can use Mass Payout. Here admin can payout many vendors in a single time very quickly. Admin can pay multiple vendors with a single click. Admin selects the sellers and makes the payout in bulk for selected sellers. 

If you are looking for Mass Payout feature for Magento Marketplace then achieve it through this add-on



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