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Magento 2 Web To Print PIM Integration

Magento 2 Web To Print PIM Integration – As webkul is the largest supplier of Akeneo PIM integration with modern commerce frameworks. Please check the link –

  • Magento 2
  • Prestashop
  • Opencart
  • Woocommerce
  • Odoo
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • BigCommerce

Also, we offer web to print software for a range of platforms. From Magento 2 to Opencart, Prestashop to Woocommerce.

We have launched web to print solution for Magento 2 shop owners and also for the marketplaces

Well, this is very first question comes in why? why a web to print shop needs to have PIM system? Well, not every web to print shop needs to have PIM system.

But printing shops or you may say magazine shop or shops like magazine brochure. Which is super important in industries like

  • Real state / Renting
  • Heavy industries like hardware and tools
  • Furniture shops
  • healthcare industry
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurant and food delivery

and many more.

PIM integration ( akeneo ) can save thousands of hours of yours. In terms of printing the brochure which is vital.


Every manufacturer needs to have that kind of setup. A traditional method of printing requires a very good amount of efforts and most of them are manual.

In traditional web to print solution or you may say in the print solution designers need to invest a huge amount of time.

Also, it’s not the error-free problem is your designers are not aware of the products and specification. Example – in case of furniture shop or heavy industry tools, every product specification values a lot.

Using Akeneo PIM Web to print solution the complete process can be automated. Also, it will work with all of our E-commerce Integration.



So building a powerful printing manual or brochure can be automated and all the data will be fetched from akeneo PIM which can be synced with the Magento 2 webshop ( or any e-commerce platform ).

There are more in to story but will try to add in next blog. Till then stay tuned. Thanks


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