Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Mobile App

Multivendor shops are everywhere, so as their mobile apps. Amazon, eBay, Souq, Alibaba, and much more. It has now become the most favorable e-marketing tool for marketers as it is the easiest way to connect with the customer.

The mobile application is contributing a tremendous role to creating a competitive advantage for your eCommerce Store. The best mobile application can help you to create a competitive environment for your competitors.

Every business master, big or small, must own up to the fact that with the ongoing rate of technology adoption, no business should be marketed offline alone. Today, mobile marketing is more effective than ever and gives innumerable benefits.

Owners of small businesses must adapt to technology trends and stand to gain by developing a mobile application for their business.

People turn to their portable devices like mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and iPhones when they have to look for information on the Internet. Nowadays, smartphones are not a fashion, it is a necessity,


 “That is why it is vital to have the mobile app”

How to create the multi-vendor mobile app?

It is always very difficult to build a multi-vendor website especially for those who are so new in this area, all because there are very fewer platforms that support building a multivendor website. So what is a solution?

Let’s give you the solution or the platform, who supports building a multivendor website-

  1. Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module.
  2. Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento2

These Magento links support even a newbie to building a multivendor website. These links can convert your Magento Store into a complete online marketplace shop.

Okay! We are done with the Multi-vendor Marketplace Website. Now, let’s understand “How we can build the Mobile App for the same”

As we explained above that there are open source solutions available for building a multivendor website but there was no solution available for Mobile App before Mobikul.

Webkul is the first in the world to create first open-source e-commerce mobile app builder- Mobikul

Undoubtedly !! Mobikul works as an online retail shop as well as an online marketplace. The Mobikul is very much user-friendly in all aspects and fully compatible with your eCommerce store and marketplace.

The Mobikul Mobile Application Builder will convert your Store/Marketplace into a Native Mobile Application so that your customers can easily visit your Store on the go.

The Mobikul Marketplace Mobile App Builder has cool and most beneficial features for you and your seller. The features like – Interactive Dashboard, Marketplace Landing Page, Separate Seller Profile, Seller Collection Page, and much more.

Some time back there was an incident that happened in the US, by which people got to know the importance of the Mobile App- More than 72 percent of Amazon’s customers worldwide shopped through mobile devices, the company added, and Dec. 19 was the busiest shopping day this holiday season.


Here are the two examples –

  1. Magento Marketplace Multivendor Mobile App Builder
  2. Magento2 Marketplace Multivendor Mobile App Builder

After purchasing this extension you have your multi-vendor application work in two ways:

  • Seller View/Front
  • Customer View/Front


The mobile app builder is a full-featured/fledged customer-centric online mobile application. It will work like Amazon, souq, etc.


What does that mean?

Customers can purchase the products from various vendors at the same check-out.

Also, let us try to explain the customer-centric part in the below section for a better understanding.


Browse Complete Product Category
This part going to provide –

  • Complete access to customers.
  • Add products to the cart.
  • Access to the Wishlist.
  • Delete products from the Cart.
  • Purchase various products from different vendors.
  • Order Notifications.
  • Push notifications.
  • E-mail Notifications.


Customer Panel

This part will provide a complete customer profile management –

  • View Ordered products.
  • Manage their Account.
  • Change Password.
  • View their Order Information.



There is no Vendor entity in any normal app. We have designed the app and incorporated the Vendor entity. The factors that need to be in a multi-vendor mobile app that full-fills the vendor entity are as under –

Under this section, the customers can browse through the seller profile-

  • Reviews
  • Seller Catalog
  • Seller Collection
  • Location


When a customer adds more than one seller’s products into the cart and goes for the checkout has always been a pain. We have already solved the problem by creating a multi-vendor mobile app like a true shopping mall.

Now the customers can add as many numbers of products from as many numbers of sellers and can go for the checkout.

As a vendor, will you be able to upload your products via the mobile app? Yes, using the multi-vendor mobile app vendors will now be able to upload their products through the mobile app.
snapshots –
Customer Order Information
Via this option, the vendors can see all the orders placed by the customers.


This is the analytics thing we get in this MOBIKUL, by which the seller gets all the information about Total Income, Weekly Income, Monthly Income, Total Payout, every information about the orders, etc.



  • Return and Shipping Policy

Vendors can enter their Return and shipping policy, which will be visible to the customers. This will help to build a trust factor with the customers.



This feature is very much essential for the seller’s perspective. They can easily contact the admin by using the app or we can say from the app, so they can easily ask their query or they can tell the admin to approve any particular requests or quotes on the go.

So that we will get to know that, does Multivendor Mobile App is Native or Not?


(Native App –  is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because native apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features.)


Mobikul offers a fully native app for Android and iOS, also all of the Mobikul Native apps supports the tablets as well.


You may have seen many websites which only support smartphones and if you open it on tablets then the alignment of the content is disturbed but you don’t have to worry about it MOBIKUL Mobile Application supports both mobile as well as tablets.



Native apps are built on standard SDK(Software Development Kit) for example -Android Studio, Java, Xcode(Objective-C), and Swift. Unlike hybrid applications, the main advantage of using native apps is that the apps can communicate with mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

  • Once you have installed the mobile app it gets saved on your device, so the app will easily open anywhere.
  • Your customers can open your application from their mobile as well as from their tablets they can easily check and purchase items from your store using your Mobile Application.
  • There is no need for skilled customers. Buyers can see & check thousands of items on their cell phones.
  • Easily available on Play Store and iTunes store and no need to remember or type any URL for websites, products, etc.



Native apps are way fast as compared to Hybrid Apps and the main reason is nothing but they can communicate to the core Operating System with the same language.

One more great feature Native App has is that, they have a better touch as we all know, browsing has lots and lots of touch.


Push notifications are very much beneficial for the customer as well as for the admin. The customer can be benefitted by getting an informative notification about the launch of new products, deals & sales, festive offers, etc.

The Admin can send the promotional notification regarding the product For example- starting with special prices, deals & sales, Auctions, etc. So when any customer will open that notification they will be redirected to the product page.

Push Notifications maintain brand consistency. It’s a fast delivery method to target your mobile application users and you can get a fast response from the customers’ end. This leads to more sales conversions.



MOBIKUL is the first Multivendor Marketplace Mobile App, that supports RTL(right to left) languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian.

As we know is Multivendor Marketplace that is so much popular in the MENA region. This feature is very much beneficial for the store owners to display their store in various languages to their customers.

It will give many benefits like- you can get the language benefit from your local customers, customers will feel familiar with your store and they would like to purchase products only from your store.

This is the beauty of the MOBIKUL multi-vendor marketplace that, it is supported Right to Left(RTL) and Left to Right(LTR) at the same time.

The main concern is, it is not just about the language, it is the complete view and template in RTL and LTR.


MOBIKUL Marketplace Mobile Application supports various payment gateways which have been used by you on your eCommerce site.

Customers and sellers will be benefitted from this feature because they don’t have to bother about the payments that how they will pay for the purchases using the mobile application.

The Sellers will also get all the benefits of payment gateways which they get at the Marketplace store. We would like to name a few: Cheque, Bank Transfer, Authorize.Net, Cash On Delivery, Stripe, Pesapal, PayU, Paypal Adaptive, Paypal Standard.

MOBIKUL Mobile Application will support all the shipping methods of your eCommerce Store (Magento2, Magento) so you don’t have to worry about the shipping feature.

It will support all the shipping methods of your eCommerce Store (Magento2, Magento). Following shipping channels are supported – FedEx, DTDC, United States Postal Service, DHL Worldwide Express.


This feature is a must-have feature in every Mobile Application to synchronize the Application with your Web Store. MOBIKUL Mobile Application provides synchronization for each aspect.

Selling over multichannel is always beneficial for online merchants but if it is not set up in the way then it can hamper the sales in the wrong way. MOBIKUL e-commerce app supports real-time API synchronizing between e-commerce store and e-commerce App.

In other words, any changes made from your application or your store will reflect each other instantly.

Mobikul uses all the latest and best technologies exist for the data exchange between your E-commerce store and mobile application. like:-

  • RESTful APIs to exchange data between the mobile application and your E-commerce store.
  • JSON or XML is used as the mode of data exchange between the E-commerce store and mobile application.


So, for sure Mobikul will run lightning-fast, you don’t have to worry about the performance and speed of data transfer.

Let’s take an interesting example to understand this-

Suppose there is are five laptops in the inventory and some customer booked two laptops from those five laptops, so in that case, if there is no stock synchronization between Real-time inventory and stock inventory,

Then inventory will not be updated and when another customer will book laptops there will be a delay in the delivery that will not be appreciable for the marketplace and its image.

So it is of utmost importance to have stock synchronization to grab a better position in the marketplace.

Recent statistics show that mobile applications result in far more traction of traffic than the website itself. The reason is that the transactions are happening at the store-front and at the same time on the mobile app.

So it’s vital and at the same time very important to have a multi-channel mobile app option to get your sales increasing.

Some of the features that the app will provide  –

  • The seller list.
  • The seller Collection.
  • The seller Profile.
  • The seller Dashboard.
  • The seller’s Order History.
  • The user can review the seller.
  • The seller can ask a question to the admin.
  • The seller can chat with the admin.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.
  • Seller details and contact options from the product page.
  • Marketplace Landing Page Where Popular sellers and Description about the marketplace is mentioned.

That is all for the Multi-Vendor Mobile App – Mobikul

That’s all for Adobe Commerce Multi-Vendor Mobile App still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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