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  • What is the Master stock and POS stock in WooCommerce POS system?

    In our WooCommerce POS system, we have provided the master stock management system using which the admin can assign the stock to the POS products and WooCommerce online store products accordingly.

    For example – the admin provided 100 as master stock to a product, and 30 as WooCommerce store stock so now there will be 70 stock quantity of the product available to the admin to assign to the POS outlets accordingly. Now, the admin can assign the POS stock to the product enabled for an outlet from the available stock.

    I have assigned 500 as master stock to a product and 200 as WooCommerce online store product stock. So, available stock for the product here = 500-200 = 300.

    Now there is 300 stock remain for the product from which I have assigned POS stock to three different POS outlets.

    POS outlet 1 – 20 stock
    POS outlet 2 – 10 stock
    POS outlet 3 – 47 stock

    Now, POS stock assigned to the product = 20+10+47 = 77

    So, available stock = 300-77 = 223

    POS outlet 1:

    POS outlet 2:

    POS outlet 3:

    Note: You have to assign the stock quantity to a product for the WooCommerce Online store as it is mandatory and without providing the stock quantity to the product for online store the user can’t assign the product stock for the POS outlets accordingly.

    For more information, you can check our user guide here – 


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  • Carlos
    Is it possible to put the master stock editable in the outlets page?
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