• What is the difference between Magento 2 Split Cart Marketplace Add-on Vs Magento 2 Split Order Marketplace Add-On?

    As the name specifies the meaning of both very well. If you are having several products in your cart that belongs to different sellers then according to –

    • Split Order – means after one-time payment, the single order gets split into separate unique order Ids as per the sellers. Split after the payment

    • Split Cart – means the cart get splits as per the sellers. And accordingly, the customer will make the payment for each splited cart and get the unique order Ids. Split before the payment

    You can install and enable both the add-ons in your marketplace simultaneously. But at the front-end, both the add-on will contradict each other.
    Suppose the buyer is having two products say PRODUCT 1 and PRODUCT 2 which belong to different sellers say SELLER 1 and SELLER 2.
    And you have enabled both the add-ons then the cart gets split as per the seller before the payment. Then, there will be no use left for the SPLIT ORDER add-on as the cart will already get split.
    What you can do is install both the add-ons in your marketplace. But enable one at a time as per the requirement.
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