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  • Imported Product Price | Magento 2 Dropship

    In Magento 2 Dropship, while importing the product, it will only import the numeric value. This will not convert the price as per your default store currency.
    That is – suppose you are importing a product from the AliExpress to your Magento 2 store whose cost is $4. And the default currency of your Magento 2 store is set to Indian Rupees. Then, while importing it will import the numeric value 4. It will not convert the $4 to 266.90 Indian Rupee. Rather it will display 4 Indian Rupee as the price of that product on your Magento 2 store.

    Therefore, it is suggested that at the time of importing the product, you need to change it as per the default currency of your store manually.

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