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  • What is the difference between Magento Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat & Magento Marketplace Buyer Seller Communication?

    Magento Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat gives the functionality of chatting when both the customer and seller are online. Only buyer can initiate the chat with the seller. Buyer can see whether the seller is online or offline from the sellers’s product page. Seller can communicate with the buyer when the buyer has initiated the chat previously. Buyer and seller can chat using the chat window and can also use “Smiley” for interactive conversation. Seller can chat with multiple buyers at one time using separate chat windows. Buyer and seller can see previous chat history with lazy load on the chat window.

    On the other hand, Magento Marketplace Buyer Seller Communication allows buyers to contact seller through a contact form, customer can also attach, an image or a file with their query. Buyer and seller both can then see the asked queries in their account. Seller can respond to the customer query and can attach an images or a file with the answer. Admin can view or delete any of the queries from admin panel.




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