• B2B Vs B2C Marketplace

    A business-to-business marketplace means the sale of one business’s product to another business. Therefore, B2B is about delivering the needs of other businesses driven at their ends.

    The people who buy products for businesses are also consumers.

    Basically, B2B depends on the same basic concept as the B2C Marketplace (our normal marketplace) ie; business to consumer marketplace but are executed in a different and unique way.

    The basic difference between the two is that in B2C customers select products based not only on price but on popularity, status, and brand

    While B2B customers make decisions on price and profit potential and as per their business requirement.

    Basic features required for the B2B marketplace:


    1. Bulk Upload – Add mass products to store using CSV/XML/Xls file.
    2. Custom Quote – Create quotations and send them to the customers to offer an estimated cost for a particular set of goods or services.
    3. Tier pricing – Pricelist features to support a pricing strategy as per your business like volume-based purchased, exclusive product rates, regional pricing, etc.


    1. Request quotation – Should be able to add the custom quote for products to buy in bulk.
    2. Contact Supplier – Can communicate with sellers about their queries and negotiate for the product price.
    3. Reorder – Can reorder the past purchase to have a quick ordering feature.

    You can also integrate some additional features such as –

    1. User Accounts – Have multiple sub-accounts users to operate from the same master account. This is the ultimate solution for companies that run a B2B store.
    2. Purchase Management – This is an activity for sourcing goods & services from various suppliers and can perform purchase management functions within your store. Such as adding various suppliers to a product, create purchase orders, managing quotations, incoming shipments.


    Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements.

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  • Kyong

    “Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento2″ and ” Magento 2 B2B Marketplace”
    1. I want to install both your Marketplce and B2B extensions.
    Is it possible?

    2. I want a multilingual Store.
    Is it possible to install Magento’s multilingual module?

    3. I want to install a multilingual translation program.
    But there is no translation program for your extension.
    Is it possible to install another company’s translation extension?

    4. I want to install your extensions and “M2E Pro Amazon eBay & Walmart Integration”. Is it possible?

    5. I want to install another company’s Magento extension. Is it possible?


  • kimmy kervel
    This is mind blowing, thanks for sharing
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