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Ecommerce Hotel Marketplace

As you can see nowadays marketplaces are everywhere what that means and how they are useful for the consumers I will try to explain you everything in detail as we are constantly building marketplaces for various kind of industries including retail,  travel, Tourism, B2B, b2c and various vertical industries.

Building a Marketplace is really complex and hard procedure Well not anymore you can create any kind of market places using webkul Marketplace add-ons.

Hotel Marketplace are different from other marketplaces as you can see now a days there are lot of hotel marketplaces exist in the market I hope everyone must be aware of the site like AIRBNB.   but have can anyone build marketplaces like Airbnb?

First of all, you need to understand that marketplaces are a complete eCommerce system that means your hotel Marketplace must have all the unique feature of an eCommerce website from the checkout to payment and from discount to product management and layered navigation. on top of it, it also includes lots of nonE-Commerce features including example integration with a channel manager TripAdvisor review and rating synchronization and much more.

webkul recently launched Hotel Marketplace build on opencart that means the complete E-Commerce functionality with the hotel commodity.

Using the E-Commerce hotel Marketplace,  hotel owners can list their hotel into the marketplace with a complete inventory and in stock management.I will try to explain more in detail
Complete vendor management (  Hotel owners ) –  The E-Commerce Hotel Marketplace product allows Hotel owners to add their rooms into hotel Marketplace. Adding rooms in multi-vendor hotel Marketplace is super intuitive and easy.  we build this application considering that many of the hotel owners are not that  Technology expert.


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