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Ecommerce Akeneo PIM Integration

Ecommerce Akeneo PIM Integration: We are the largest supplier of Ecommerce Marketplaces and multichannel software. From fortune 500 companies to small and medium-small startups are using our products including Nokia, United nations, etc.

Recently from last 2 years, we are getting same concern from our customers especially who are having more than 100k products SKU.

We tried to look for a workaround and found PIM ( product information management) as the best-suited solution for that. There are a couple of PIM integration available for Ecommerce.

This is the most basic question for retailers why they need additional software in a retail online shop or marketplace?

Well, for sure at first sight merchant think that they will manage everything at their store. Either they are using Magento/Magento 2, Opencart, Shopify, Woocommerce Etc.

But as the catalog size grows every big or medium scale merchants found that managing product information is a super complex task.

As I have explained PIM is useful for any e-commerce store or marketplace. But it is best suited for medium and large scale shops. Where products counts reach to 10,000+ or more.

Using PIM from starts is always beneficial. As its name suggests PIM stands for product information management.

Managing product information at your online store directly is not a good idea. As there are chances of big mistakes.

So the best option is to use PIM tools so that product team can work on the product data.

We are the one and only Akeneo PIM integration provides for all the major e-commerce.


Magento 2 is for sure the most popular and best open source commerce platform. Millions of merchants are using Magento 2 worldwide.


Magento 2 is well suited for the large shop from thousands of SKU’s to millions of products. It is widely supported by major cache handler.

Prestashop is another very popular e-commerce platform and widely adopted in Europe region. Prestashop is also capable of running medium and large-scale online shops and marketplaces

We provide end to end PrestaShop akeneo integration.

Shopify is world most popular saas based eCommerce platform. Shopify also supports big shops and marketplaces using their Shopify plus programme.

We provide loads of Akeneo integration for Different e-commerce platforms like woocommerce , opencart, Bigcommerce – Please explore here –


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