How to create B2B marketplace using Magento 2

Magento2 is the new beast in the market now what does that means to merchants and developers? Well, magento2 is super promising in terms of tech stacks and adaptability towards new tech e.g composer.

Well, that’s ok but that has anything to do with real merchant and customer? There are a couple of views regarding this in the Magento community.

I will explain things in my way. I personally think if you are already running a webshop on an older version of Magento and the shop is productive that means you are getting orders there is no way you should upgrade to Magento 2.

Upgradation is always hard and consumes a lot of time. As a merchant, you should focus more on commerce, customer satisfaction, fast delivery, and many more customer-centric approach.

But yes there is one aspect which is security updates, those updates are critical and need to be updated regularly which can be tested here

If you are fully updated with security patches, speed is fine and you are getting orders regularly. I would suggest not to upgrade to Magento 2.

I think the best answer would be if you are starting fresh. That means you are starting your new online shop Magento 2 will be the best choice.

Enough talk about Magento 1 and Magento 2 now let us focus on how to create a B2B marketplace using Magento 2 and its brilliant tech stacks.

BTW I will be a little bias  & shameless towards promoting webkul Magento 2 marketplace extension ­čÖé 

B2B industries are changing very quickly and what we truly believe in from our experience is that every B2B business is unique and modularity is something required for building a scalable b2b solution.

Before coming to b2b marketplace, merchant need to be very sure if the platform is scalable and secure . Magento 2 is by far the best choice , Magento is already a proven name in E-commerce ecosystem and magento2 , as i stated earlier comes with great tech stacks . So , as per my opinion Magento is by far the best platform to start you b2b e-commerce system .

Lets discuss essential features of any B2B e-commerce system –

Customer Quotation / Bulk order Quote

Customer quotation is a must have feature for any b2b ecommerce system whether  its a marketplace or not . So “why the quote feature is important for b2b needs” and the simple reason is “bulk order” . Generally in any b2c kind of marketplace either its amazon or etsy or flipkart , There is always a order stock limitation . What that means ? its simple buyer can purchase a limited stock of any item not in bulk .

Against the above situation in B2B E-commerce marketplace there is no as such limitation on stock purchase , even during starting the purchase of the item initial focus in not towards the stock . Why is that ?

“B2B Purchasing cycle is longer as compare to B2C  “

Quote provides the feature by which manufacturer or producer or vendor can discuss about the order pricing based on the order volume and customer group level and many more features .

Webkul b2b Quote system powers all the features at one place – 

Complete & Flexible Pricing

Although Magento2 comes with range of pricing schemes including per product price, special price, per-group / per-website and tier pricing but still its not enough . B2b Pricing are way to complex including showing the price to the customer after login . Even B2b require more complex pricing schema like price list .

Extendable customer and manufacturer or producer or vendor registration 

As i stated earlier every B2B business is unique. Registration forms play a major role in acquiring the information from customer or vendor / producer .

As Magento2 comes with limited fields of information and in mainly B2C e-commerce segment it is advised to have less fields in customer signup form but against this  B2B requires more information and requires more fields .

Vendor / Producer / Manufacturer sign up form Extension – 

Customer Sign-up form –



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