Why Agile Methodology is the Emerging Trend in E-commerce Marketplace?


Agile Methodology in the E-commerce marketplace refers to a smooth buying that blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds to create a flexible e-commerce system.

E-commerce has emerged as the key driver for increased sales, growth across every industry. 

An Agile method is a project term that breaks a project into phases and will work best for your team.

As a result, this method makes a reference for the finest processes and methods for your team.


Agile is a process that has small self-organizing software development teams. 

As result business owners meet with the clients regularly all through the software development life cycle.

Agile is a bundle of several iterative and incremental software development methods that break a project into phases.

The most famous Agile framework is Scrum, Extreme programming, and many others while each of these has its unique qualities.


Marketing style refers to a method that is essential in both e-commerce and traditional commerce.

Here, the marketing process is a way of acquiring customers’ attention and cheering them to acquire the thing you’re selling on Marketplace.

Therefore, One of the most used e-commerce marketing methods is Agile.

The Agile method is in high demand for e-commerce firms, and it can help you improve the speed and flexibility of your Marketplace.

Gaining a high search engine rank is vital for attracting new Buyers.

This is why our e-commerce models make it simple for Search engines, as well as the other main search engines, to index them.


The Agile Manifesto is a set of Agile software development core ideas and concepts.


  • Satisfy Customer: Our primary goal is to keep our customers happy by delivering high-quality software on time and under budget.
  • Welcome Change: It welcomes the need for change, even if it is late in the process.


  • Delivery Working Software:  From a few weeks to a few months, you can expect working software.
  • Collaboration: Business people (Scrum Master and Project Owner) and developers must work together in this situation.
  • Motivation: The project was built around highly ambitious people.
  • Face-to-face Conversation: It is the most efficient method of collaborating inside a development team.
  • Measures the progress: The main measure of progress is working software.
  • Maintain Constant pace: A constant focus on technical quality and elegance adds to agility.
  • Monitoring: Continous attention to technical virtue and good design add to agility.
  • Simplicity: Keep things simple by measuring the task that hasn’t been finished in basic terms.
  • Self-orgnized Team: You must have self-organized an agile team.
  • Review the work regularly: At regular intervals, the work should be rated so that the team can reflect on how to become more productive and improve its behavior accordingly.

Here are some of the features that an agile team module must have.

Clear Purpose

An Agile team must have a clear purpose that boosts the speed and value delivered by the teams.


The Agile team affects the company’s aims by planning and managing tasks based on their time and capabilities and working within defined parameters.


The Agile team has all of the skills needed to develop and deliver a product/service increment effectively.


The Agile team fully realizes and believes in the team’s mission, vision, and objectives.


Members of the Agile team are ready to collaborate, share common beliefs, and work toward a common goal.

Customer Orientation

In a collaborative method, the Agile team is aware understands, and successfully responds to the customer’s need, feedback, and inputs.

Marketing research of Agile as the name suggests is a way of conducting research that is based on agile development.

Agile adoption data statists show that 71 % of businesses follow Agile methods.

1. According to the 15th annual State of Agile report, 78 respondents reported their firms are interested in VSM

2. Agile teams continue to prefer Scrum as their approach, with 84%.

3. Before the latest pandemic, 93 % of business units had fully implemented an Agile Methodology.

Hence, Agile research, at its most basic level provides early and frequent directional guidance.

Agile is a term that refers to a variety of methods, Let’s have a look at some of the most famous methods:

Extreme Programming 

One of the key Agile framework models is extreme programming, It gives them what they want right now.

Moreover, teamwork and client needs are also highlighted in this model. 


Scrum is a kind of Agile framework model that addresses complex adaptive issues while keeping the greatest standards of product delivery and productivity. 


Kanban is a visual method for tracking work as it works through a process. This shows both the workflow and the actual work that passes through it.


One of the easiest methods of software development is the Crystal methodology. 

Moreover, It consists of many agile methods, such as Clear, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange, and other approaches with distinct characteristics.


  • The agile method is quickly becoming the preferred method of project management.
  • Due to the need for flexibility, teams are pushed to change what they’re working on in the middle of a project.
  • The agile method can break the projects into one or more iterations, with the last iteration bringing the entire product.
  • Consumers assess quality at the end of each cycle.
  • Due to traditional use, we choose agile.
  • Agile displays high adaptability.
  • Customers must be kept informed and involved.


Here, are some benefits of Agile Methodology.


The partner part has improved, resulting in a high-quality working model.


Speed is the principle that recites agility and its ability to move faster.


Highly Transparent

Agile is highly clear to everyone related to the project. 

Fewer Risk

With each iteration of the agile method, you lower risk incrementally.

Long Collaboration

Team members transmit and are willing to work collectively, share common ideas, and reach the goal.

Happy Customers

You keep the customer happy by supplying product features that give value to them.

More Productivity

In simple terms, Agile allows everyone to focus on one task at a time.

The Agile method is a good scheme to grow your firm internal procedures.

Agile Method helps your team communicate more wisely, Overall, this will result in higher-quality products and happy customers.

In Addition, At WebKul we follow the complete Agile development process in developing e-commerce modules and their platforms.

Furthermore, you can also hire our expert developers that provide you with the best solutions as per your needs.


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