WooCommerce | Add Custom Features To Your Webstore

In this article, we will look into some of the custom modules which provide store owners additional functionality that is not present in the default WooCommerce.

Marketing any business is primarily about communication whether it is pre-sale or post-sale. The conversation between the store owner and the potential buyers can be often useful to the customers and the store owners too.

Because the customer can use these tools to interact with the store owner and share their query. The store owner can also get to know about the new requirement and products that are popular among buyers.

As the default WooCommerce does not offer any sort of conversation. So some of the following chat systems that help customers interact with the website owners are :

We all think of expanding our business and if you are running a successful online business. But often take a step back just because of the hassle involved in managing the stock and the sales of the outlets.

Well! now you don’t have to worry about this with WooCommerce POS, you can easily manage your inventory and the sales of both online and of physical outlets.

Offering an optimized order management workflow in an eCommerce store can be a real challenge. So to ease up the process, many modules have been created as mentioned below:

Today’s online consumers are more selective than ever. Having this fact that there can be more options than ever before.

To persuade more visitors to purchase products through your WooCommerce website, various tactics are needed to get adopted.

Some of the points that may increase the sales of the products are:

  • Various Daily Deals or Special Offers can be achieved through the Daily Deals extension.
  • Pre-launching store products to create a buzz and know about the grip of the product in the market can be accomplished through the Pre Order extension.
  • Many store owners promote their websites to provide customers rewards or credit points for their purchase of the product so that they get a discount in the future purchase like Reward Points.

Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in the growth of any website. The average rate of returns of online shopping is 30 %. The customer trusts the websites having return management rather than having a website that does not offer return management.

So, if you require to integrate this feature into the WooCommerce store by using the RMA extension.

Note: You can refer to this case study – How To Manage Disputes & Complain In Your Web Store?

Often customer forgets their login credentials and if we do not provide any way in which they can remember login. This will ultimately lead to decrement in our customers and so in our sales as well. To avoid the same, we can use Google Chrome Smart Auto Login.

If you want to have a profitable site, the search is one of the key elements. Most Potentials buyers want to have a smooth and convenient shopping experience so that the customer can easily look for what they want.

The lesser time involved in the searching will lead to more customer satisfaction and higher chances of customer conversion into a potential buyer.

One of the modules that helps you to provide advanced navigation for WooCommerce websites – Advanced Layered Navigation.

The default WooCommerce does not allow the customer to quote for the products. But with the Quote System, you can allow the customer to quote for the products based on product quantity.

That’s all for WooCommerce | Add Custom Features To Your Webstore still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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