Vivelots- 1st online Marketplace of Collectibles in Cyprus.

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About company

VIVELOTS is an online destination for collectible items bringing together local sellers and collectors.

Our vision is to make treasure hunting for collectibles, antiques, and art items available to everyone.

We founded VIVELOTS for so many reasons:

  • Because we believe that treasure possessions shouldn’t stay still or forgotten in a dusty storage.
  • Because every collectible will always be valuable to someone.
  • Because we offer a unique customer experience.
  • Because you’ll always find something new to desire from the range of our sellers’ products.
  • Because we’ve turned our passion into our life’s work.

Client Needs

Athanasia, wanted to build a Marketplace with Prestashop so she decided to look at some of our Prestashop modules.

The client showed interest in many of our modules. She even started raising the queries that she had related to modules workflow on our uv desk ticketing system. Webkul, very efficiently handled all his queries and helped her in understanding the module functionalities.

She later decided to go with our following modules for her eCommerce store:

1. Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module
2. Prestashop Marketplace Advance Commission
3. Prestashop Marketplace Seller Invoice
4. Prestashop Mobile and Email Verification
5. Prestashop DHL Shipping
6. Prestashop Marketplace Custom Field

Customisation discussion with Webkul

After a couple of days, Athanasia, thought of enhancing the module functionalities. She wanted us to add some extra functionalities in the modules for which she did not hesitate in sharing with us her requirements. The best part is, we always stood up by her side and helped her in achieving all his business needs.

The very first customisation with which she approached us contains so many parts. Out of the many, there was one part in which she wanted to customise our Prestashop Marketplace Advance Commission module.

Basically, what our advance commission module do is, it allows admin to set commission categories wise ie. if admin set x amount of commission on any category, then that commission will be deducted on all the seller products under that category. It also allows the admin to set commission product wise i.e. each product can have their own commission rate.

Now, here is what the client wanted.

“I will buy your advance commission module, but I need it to be customized. I also bought your module for “Custom Fields” to add fields for Seller registration. One of those fields will be a mandatory dropdown, for the Seller to select if he is “Private Seller” or “Professional Seller”.

Now I want to have Category-Based commissions, but different for Private and Professional Sellers. For example, “Art” category will have 15% commission for Private sellers and 10% for Professional sellers.

On top of this, I would like to have the ability to define a specific percentage for a specific Seller, which will override everything else. For example one Seller who happens to be a friend, I want to charge him only 5% for “Art” and only 8% for “Collectibles””.

We had a discussion over this and without taking much time, we were able to finalise the scope of work. The department team worked on her requirements and delivered her the work very smoothly.

Not only this, she also came up with the idea of adding one functionality in our Advanced Marketplace module. And we, managed to deliver her the best quality work.

The client was very much satisfied with the work we delivered to her and now also she always write to us whenever she needs any assistance.

Enjoy with confidence the VIVELOTS shopping experience .

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