Opencart Retail POS – Customer Management

“The term Point of Sale is often used in connection or relative with the hardware and software for checkouts.”

An electronic Opencart POS system streamlines retail operations by automating the transaction process and tracking important sales data.


In this article, we will discuss that how a retail outlet can manage their customers and build a strong relationship with them using the Opencart POS system. As we know that customers are the key to every business and customer management could be a very difficult task. But with the help of Opencart POS system, you can easily manage and keep a track of your customers. An Opencart POS system could have any number of features to simplify and boost up the process of customer management and it would totally depend on your business requirements. Here, we will be discussing some of the key features that a Retail Opencart POS system should have for the Customer Management.

The very basic and standard feature is to be able to collect and store the customer details, such as their name, contact information, purchase history, birthday, etc.

Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Managing Customer Details

Creating unique Customer IDs for each and every customer could be really beneficial as IDs can be easily used to identify and store customer details in the system. Using these IDs, the sales person or the cashier can instantly search up the customer profile and can add current purchase in it. So Customer IDs can be used to easily identify the customers. Now few questions arise that how do we collect customer information? Why do we need to store customer information? What exact information need to be collected? How will this information be beneficial to the retail store owner? So now let’s answer these questions:

How do we collect customer information?

Whenever a customer comes at the checkout counter, the cashier can ask for his Customer ID or name, if the customer profile is not saved in the database then cashier can easily create the Customer Profile or add new customer by asking the basic details like name, contact information and birthday, etc.

Why do we need to store customer information?

The answer to this question is really very simple as we need to store customer information to keep track of his purchase history and use that in various marketing and sales strategies. Having customer information allows to identify your loyal or regular customers and based on this you can give them a special treatment by giving them some discounts or rewards.

What exact information need to be collected?

Information like customer full name, contact number, email id, birthday, purchase history, customer feedback, etc. can be collected and saved in the customer profile.

How will this information be beneficial to the retail store owner?

The above mentioned information such customer name can be used to make a personal connection with the customer by calling them by their name without having to them about it. The sales person can look up customer id and all the customer details will be shown to him. Contact number and email id can be used for sending promotional offers, discounts, new arrivals or any other marketing message. Customer birthday can be used to provide him some special offer and strengthen the customer relationship. Purchase history can be used to identify the customer purchase behavior and top purchased items and this information can be used in various marketing ways.

Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management


Now let’s say you have collected and made customer profiles and you are using this information to boost up your sales. But what if you have many outlets around the city or country? So for this, you need to have a Cloud-based Central Customer Management which allows you to keep one customer list for all your outlets. This way all the customer data will be synchronized in all your outlets.

So till now we have successfully collected our customer information and synchronized that information with all our outlets, but what now? Now we have to learn how to use that information for our benefit and also to build a strong relationship with the customer.


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Customer Groups

Creating customer groups based on their purchase behavior can help in the targeted promotions. You can create a group for regular customer and can provide them regular discounts time to time to boost them up to go for more and more purchases. Similarly, you can create a VIP group for your high-end customers. There could be endless ways into which you can categorize your customers so it totally depends on you that how many groups you to create.

 Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Customer Product Purchase Behaviour

Keep a track on what customer is purchasing on regular basis. For example, let’s say that John visits your retail shop at the end of every month to purchase the basic household things such as toiletries, vitamins, cereals etc. Now one month he didn’t come to visit your shop and the same happened for the next month also. So in this case what you can do is send John some targeted promotional messages so remind him that you care for your customers. Also, you can give him some discounts as well.

 Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Gift Cards

Attract new customers and increase revenue with the help of gift cards. Giving Gift cards to customers constantly reminds them to come and visit your store again. These cards can be gifted to friends and families and they can use the credit amount assigned to that gift card.

 Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Store (Credit) Cards

You can provide your cards to your customers and these can will contain all customer details and just swiping these cards cashier will get to know about the customer. These can hold the reward points, can be used to hold the refund amount if the customer chooses to make a refund for any purchase. These cards can be used to make payments using the amount present in them in the form of refunds or reward/loyalty points. Even you can allow your customer to recharge these cards and then use them for making payments. You can also give some discounts for making payments using your cards.

 Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Reward / Loyalty Points

Rewarding your customers with some discounts or offers will surely make them come back to your store again. You can assign rewards on some product purchase or on purchasing over some set amount. You can also give loyalty points to your regular customers.

Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Split Payment

Providing customers various ways for making payment can be highly beneficial. You can allow your customers to pay using cash, store (credit) card, bank debit/credit card, rewards points, etc.

Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Return Management

Allowing easy returns to your customers will encourage them to go for purchase without any hesitation. For example, John purchased 2 packs of the cereal box, one chocolate flavor and another normal one. Later on reaching home he discovers that he purchased the wrong the flavored cereal. So he decides to go back to the store and return and exchange the mistakenly bought product. On reaching the store, he remembers that he forgot the receipt at home only. So now what? Should he back to his home to bring the receipt or call someone to bring him the receipt? All this could be so hectic. So what retail store can do is pull up John’s purchase history, as we already discussed about keeping track of customer purchase history, and simply just re-print the receipt. Simple the problem is solved! This can be really useful when customer forgets or loses the receipt and wants to return some item. Also, in case of refunds, refunds can be added to store cards so that customer can use them for their next purchase.

 Opencart Retail POS - Customer Management

Customer Privacy

Hiding customer’s private information and maintaining customer privacy should be the first priority for any retail store. Customer’s private information such as contact information, address, etc. should be hidden from the person at counter i.e. the cashier or any other sales representative. Only a selected and trusted people should be allowed and given permission to access customer’s private information.


Customer Feedback

Asking customers for their valuable feedback can be really useful in enhancing and uplifting the services. So you can ask your customers to give feedbacks by filling standard feedback form or asking them to give ratings and feedback using the website or mobile app.


Using these features, the retail outlet can differentiate itself from its competitors via building a strong relationship with customers which would result in customer retention and customer engagement. This, in turn, will help in winning over the trust of the customers and hence generating more revenue for the outlet.


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