Mobikul Magento Marketplace Compatibility with RTL Arabic Language

Mobikul is a fully customizable and feature riched app builder solution that converts e-commerce into a native app. It supports multiple languages and currencies.

In this blog post, we will show you how it works with RTL Arabic language view for Magento Marketplace.

Please Note – Mobikul Marketplace App requires Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor extension.

After installing the mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the users can change the store view of the app from the Left Navigation Drawer. Here the users will find the available store views such as English, German, Arabic, French, etc.

These store views are typically used to make the store available in different regions. Shoppers can use the language chooser option in the app to change the store view. It also changes the currency according to every store view.

In the below screenshot the language view has been changed to Arabic RTL (Right to Left). The left and right drawer menu options will be changed accordingly.

change language view

This is the first page which the users will see after opening the app.  Here you can see the categories, banner slider, featured products, new products, and hot deals. All these things will be visible according to the selected language view.

On the product page, the seller store name will be visible to the users. The product name, price, description, and other parts of the product page will be visible in Arabic view.

seller product page (2)

Here is the seller profile page visible in Arabic view. Seller store name, description, recently added products, seller logo, location, and other things will be visible.

seller profile view

On the seller profile page, the users will also view the recent product reviews and ratings received. Also links for store location, policies, contact us, and seller reviews will be there.

seller profile view (2)

The users can write and submit the reviews in the Arabic language also. The sellers can view the latest feedback received from their buyers in the Mobikul app.

latest product reviews

The seller collection page displays all the products listed by a seller. As you can see in the below screenshot, the page is visible in the Arabic language view.

seller collection page

The customers can view the return and shipping policies details in the Arabic RTL view. The sellers can enter the content for each store view separately.


The users can view the location of the seller store using Google Maps within the Mobikul App.

store location view

The sellers can view the Marketplace Dashboard for analyzing the store. It shows the graphical representation of daily, weekly, and yearly sales. The seller dashboard also works with other language views as well.

The sellers can view the dashboard for viewing the latest orders, invoices, and, latest reviews.

seller dashboard

The sellers can view the latest orders information from the Mobikul app. Here’s is the sample order list in the following screenshot. The order view also supports multi-language views including the RTL Arabic view.

latest orders

The sellers can view the detailed order information using the Mobikul app. The seller can even send an email to the customer within the app.

order details

The sellers can also view the detailed information about the invoice.

invoice details

The sellers can send any message to the admin using Ask Question to Admin, it supports the Arabic view as well. The sellers can type their messages in any language including RTL Arabic language.

ask admin

The sellers can use the Arabic language to chat with the admin. The chat with Admin feature supports multiple languages as well.

chat with admin

The admin can also use the Mobikul Marketplace app and chat with the sellers.

admin chat view

If you want to know more about Mobikul App Builder, then please visit –

That’s all for Mobikul Adobe Commerce Marketplace Compatibility with RTL Arabic Language still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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