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Magneto 2  SEO ( search engine optimization) – is the most discussed topic in terms of sales and marketing. Sometimes people consider SEO as a “Hack” but we consider it as pure science.

Because SEO is the most important factor that everMagentoto 2 store owner needs to understand.

Magento 2 SEO Module 

There are a lot of myths as well regarding SEO as well. As we are the largest supplier of the Magento & Magento extensions, there is always such kind of questions that comes in. E.g – Which is the best extension to install so that I can rank 1 in google?

That is natural everyone wants to be  Google rank 1 result in SERP.  But let me explain installing the only Extension will not help at all.

Yes, 100% SEO is not limited only to Meta Title or Meta keywords. Modern SEO covers everything from UX to Speed Optimisation. So before understanding why UX is important, It is important to understand the bounce rate concept.

As per Google “Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.”

Source – 

I know it’s a little hard to understand for merchants. So let me explain in this way by an example that will help you to understand the Bounce rate.

Example – Imagine Your Saas-Based Software Marketplace is, There you are selling Saas-based apps. Let’s say product names are

  • Form Builder App
  • Social Media App
  • E-commerce Integration App
  • Marketplace App
  • Disqus comment app

and many apps.

Now let’s say a visitor type a keyword in google “Saas based Form builder app“. in SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ), uvdesk link comes as well, as per the image below

As expected the customer will click the link and will visit the page.

But If let’s say for any reason customer did not find the link useful then he/she will close the link for sure. That means the user will invest less than a minute or so in the link right? – This is called “Bounce”. The rate of this bounce is called as Bounce rate.

 So As a site owner, you must “reduce bounce rate”. Well, that’s easy but how can I do so?

is another topic. There can be many reasons for the higher bounce rates. Example

  • Slow Website speed/ Webpage speed.
  • Fake Information or Different Information from SERP.
  • Fake Or Different Rich Snippets.
  • Random popups or alert boxes.
  • Hidden Price in cart or checkout page.
  • Bad UX – e.g Missing call of action.
  • Hard to Find Information and Poor Search

And more.

So you can imagine till now actually you don’t need any SEO Extension or Module. The bounce rate reduction is the most important factor for good SEO.

This is also another but very important factor for SEO. Also, your bounce rate depends a lot on it. Imagine that if your page takes 20-30 seconds to load and your competitors take only 3 seconds. It is very much clear that they will get all the sales conversions due to the poor bounce rate of your site.

Speed Optimisation is another topic which takes 100’s of such articles. So, will provide you with minimal information about that.

Most of the times sites are slow due to poor code Or bulky front ends like loads of javascript and CSS. Magento 2 is quite good at handling such issues due to the require.js Integration.

Also, I would suggest going through yahoo 14 rules of front-end optimization 

There are a couple of options that you can follow in Magento 2. The most important part is FPC( full page cache ) Integration In Magento 2.

Also, Magento 2 has support for HTTP accelerators like reverse proxies like varnish. Also supported by Redis cache handler as well.


Rich snippets play a very major role in terms of getting CTR ( Click through rate )

As you can see in the above screenshot with the star rating, reviews, pricing & stock. All those data are coming from Rich snippets only.

Nowadays google provide support for JSON-ld as well. Which is huge. JSON-LD is supported by a lot of every search engine and has loads of options like site search.

That’s all for Magento 2 SEO still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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