How to Build Stock Multi Vendor Marketplace Using Magento 2

How to Build Stock Multi-Vendor Marketplace Using Magento2 – As we are the largest supplier of Multi-vendor marketplaces in the world right now.

We are getting a huge amount of requests for building vertical marketplaces like Stock Photo / Video Marketplaces.

Example – Customers are demanding sites like stock or Shutterstock and sometimes customers are demanding for codecanyon or ThemeForest like marketplaces using Magento.

So we will discuss how we can build a similar kind of marketplace. Let’s start with a few questions –

For sure I understand such doubts are very genuine. Ultimately you don’t want to suffer when traffic goes upright? That’s why choosing Magento 2 is a perfectly right choice. I will explain this in more detail.

Inbuilt downloadable product support – Magento 2 offers out-of-the-box inbuilt downloadable product support.

Downloadable product means which can be downloaded like Software, Zip files, Images, Videos, Ebooks or any kind of goods which can be downloaded.

This feature is vital as the main part of such marketplaces is static data deployment. As Magento downloadable products also support links as well by which marketplaces can integrate Amazon s3  for content deployment.


Let me explain – the reasons are

  • A large amount of data storage.
  • Bandwidth saving.
  • Lower CPU usage.
  • More Secure.

Saving a large amount of data like HIGH DEF videos and audios can fill your server storage very quickly also downloading and serving files from a single server means from your app server isn’t a good idea at all.

Also if you are using Amazon S3 integration then instead of downloading and uploading from your server it will be downloaded from Amazon s3.

Also as uploading and downloading will take place from directly S3 server that means your app is more secure.

Different Encoder Required

Based on your requirement which kind of stock site do you want to build? Example

In this kind of marketplace you need to use FFMPEG Also would require a helper medium like a video or audio player which you can nowadays as HTML5 Player.

FFmpeg will convert non-web format video or audio files to the supported format. FFmpeg needs to be installed on your web server and for sure you will need to write some BASH script to manage it out.

Suppose you want to sell images or you want to allow the artist to sell their images and some kind of watermarking is required.

In such cases, you can use the default PHP GD library or if you want to allow something more advanced in that case ImageMagick can play a better role.

That’s all for How to Build Stock Multi-Vendor Marketplace Using Magento 2  still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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  • Fayyaz Khattak
    The marketplace offers significant benefits to the online business model. You can invite and allow multiple vendors for selling their products online. The customers will return to your marketplace again and again because of the wide range of products available on your marketplace. And the most important, your marketplace will gradually grow into the community and the community will become a central location where vendors and customers will promote all the products and services found in your marketplace.

    I think it’s the right initiative by Webkul to step into this race and created an amazing Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension for Magento 2. Keep the good work in progress guys. (y)

    • Nishad Bhan (Moderator)
      Fayyaz Khattak, Thanks!
      for giving in your time to read out the stock marketplace creation. For any doubts or suggestions, kindly reach out to us by dropping in a mail at [email protected]
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