How to Build CS-Cart Headless Marketplace using React.JS/Next.JS

Headless Marketplaces gaining popularity with the popularity of big marketplaces like; Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, etc.

With the rapid growth of headless marketplaces, business merchants want a marketplace website like; Amazon, Etsy, etc.

In headless e-commerce, the term defines a centralized content management system to manage the marketplace website.

Headless commerce works on the architecture in which the frontend and backend of the website remain separated. As a result, the backend can be modified without any interference in the frontend.

CS-Cart is an open-source e-commerce platform that helps business merchants to run their e-commerce business.

Moreover, CS-Cart comes up with a default multi-vendor feature.

As CS-Cart has a by default multi-vendor feature, hence CS-Cart headless marketplace development would be the best choice.

Due to the presence of multiple vendors the marketplace website must develop as whenever there are any changes in the backend, it does not affect the frontend of the website.

There are some key features in CS-Cart which make it the best selection for headless development:

In CS-Cart a store admin can have more than one storefront.

It is one of its unique features as vendors can also edit the design in CS-Cart.

The store owners can now provide the common products for all the vendors and the vendors can edit the product information as per their needs.

Vendors can configure the vendor plans according to the requirement. 

CS-Cart provides customer-vendor communication through chat.

The store admins can apply advance restrictions and validations for the vendors.

Next.js is a React framework that allows the developers to develop server-side rendered apps and generate static websites.

 React.js and Next.js come up with some important features that provide a better frontend as compared to other frameworks. Next.js is in demand to develop the frontend as it has some dynamic features with it.

Webkul and Next.js are official partners. We can now develop the headless frontend in a more effective way with the assistance of the Next.js team.

Next.js based on React.js as it is developed using React.js. Next.JS consists of all the advantages of React.js as it is built on React.

In addition, It has similar core features just like React; pre-rendering, code splitting and routing, and webpack support.

Next has the server-side rendering feature which is a major feature of Next.js.

Server-side rendering means whenever the browser loads the page next.js serves the pre-rendered page in minimal javascript code.

Hence, This process makes the website interactive and boosts website performance.

Next.js has an impactful SEO that increases the website ranking on the search engine. It improves the SEO of the website by improving the below points:

  • Adding Global Style
  • Code Abstraction
  • Index Page Customization
  • Adding metadata to homepage
  • Data auditing using Google Lighthouse
  • By Isolating metadata

Thus, all the above mention points enable Next.js to provide a highly effective SEO for your website.

Next.js has over 30,000 plus developers in its discord community and it is growing every day.

The resources are easily available for Next.js due to its big community. It is not necessary to have a deep knowledge of React.

The developers can build the website easily due to its big community.

Rest API is an application programming interface used to access and use data by sending HTTP requests.

One of the primary benefits of using REST is that it allows developers to expose their data in a variety of formats.

GraphQL is an application layer server-side technology that is used for executing queries with existing data.

Since the client has more freedom in the fetched data, development is much faster with GraphQL than it would be with REST.

CS-Cart does not support GraphQL API as it is developed using REST API.


GraphQL consists of several features that make it a good selection for your marketplace development. We can implement GraphQL in CS-Cart by customizing it.

Both REST and GraphQL APIs can be used to develop headless Architecture. However, GraphQL APIs should be the best choice. 

This is because GraphQL APIs are fast in comparison to REST APIs.

You can get specific data in a single API call in GraphQL however in REST APIs fixed data is received in multiple API calls. 

In web development, PWA(Progressive Web Apps) are providing an edge to the technology.

A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that appears and functions like a mobile app.

Therefore, PWAs are designed to take advantage of native mobile device features without requiring the end-user to visit an app store or make a local software purchase.

Headless Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have revolutionized the e-commerce industry. An application programming interface is used by headless PWAs to collect data.

This API sits between a website’s decoupled frontend and backend, providing speed and flexibility.

Thus, PWA is helping in the enhancement of the headless feature. 

We can integrate the functionality of headless PWA in CS-Cart.

When talking about headless PWA, CS-Cart would be a wonderful choice as we can integrate Push Notification and Offline Support feature in CS-Cart with headless PWA.

Push notifications are messages that a mobile user directly receives to their mobile device.

It appears on a lock screen or in the top section of a mobile phone’s display screen. This is the most demanding feature these days.

Another key feature is that Headless PWA supports offline mode. It provides the results with preloaded pages of the application when the user browses when the network is missing.

Hence we can integrate headless PWA in CS-Cart to make powerful use of headless PWA.

Therefore, considering all the above points Next.js is the best choice to build the CS-Cart headless marketplace. 

That’s all for Why Next.js Is Best Suited for WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

If you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better contact us.

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