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If you want to start your own online store, it is time to make a new beginning and start making money like thousands of other people do. When most people see e-commerce marketplaces, they presume it is something only big companies and those with a lot of capital can do….no it is not true.

Even as an individual, even you can have your own e-commerce marketplace, which can be set up in less than 3 days with your unique requirements. The best way to build your own e-commerce marketplace today is by making use of this awesome WordPress plugin called “WordPress Woocommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace”. So far, this plugin is the fastest growing multi-store marketplace plugin for WooCommerce.

What this plugin does is that it completely transforms your site into a marketplace thereby giving people opportunity to sell products from your own store just like Amazon or Etsy. This Brilliant Plugin will convert your WordPress WooCommerce store into Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller.


Whether you want to sell your own products or vendors’ products, WooCommerce Marketplace is the best way to get started. The great benefit of using WooCommerce Marketplace is that it is very user-friendly. I think the developers actually took the opinions, insight, and suggestions of users into consideration when developing this plugin. We will take a look at some of the remarkable features of this plugin:

Sellers can add 4 types of products – Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate Product and Variable, which includes the downloadable product also.

A customer can give Review & Ratings to the seller. This feature makes believe in the seller. Customers purchase products from the sellers who gives good quality of product and shipping services. A good seller gets more and more sale.

Seller name will be Visible on the Product page. Now a seller will be identified by their name. Once a seller earn the trust of the customers then, they will definitely go for the product.

All the URL’s are SEO friendly. Using a Search Friendly URL is one of the many search engine optimization techniques. Many of the websites that are using incorrect or suboptimal URLs get a low indexing by the Google crawlers and thereby reduces the site ranking.

Each seller will have his own Separate seller profile. Once you set up your WordPress site using WooCommerce Marketplace, you can go ahead and give people registering in the site the choice of registering as a vendor or seller. It provides a separate profile which is managed by the seller.

Now the sellers of the marketplace will be able to manage their shipping from their own account panel. Sellers can easily set up the new shipping zones and can add the shipping methods for these zones.

Using the product by feature, buyers will be able to see the seller name on the product page. Also, the customer will be able to check the profile page of a seller by clicking on the name of the seller at the product page.

The seller can inquire from admin by asking a question to the admin. This feature allows sellers to make a query to the admin if they stuck somewhere. Admin can resolve queries of sellers by providing appropriate answers.

The Marketplace has the feature to directly connect the Facebook account of the user with or without registration at the time of giving reviews for a particular seller.

Sellers can view all their orders with billing and shipping address of the customers.

The admin can set commission for the Sellers. Admin can set the commission in percentage globally for all the sellers. But is has a feature also to set different commission for different sellers. It is a very helpful feature, now admin can lower down some commission percentage for the sellers whose sale is very good.

Admin can set to Auto Approve Sellers. With this feature, a new seller who wants to join marketplace will be auto approved.

Admin can set Auto To Allow Sellers To Publish Their Products. Now there is no need to approve every product added by the seller. Products will be auto-published on the marketplace.

Admin will be able to approve or disapprove any seller or any seller’s product. If there is a seller who involved in fraudulent activities or his services are not up to the mark of the marketplace, admin can disapprove that seller. Even admin can disapprove a product if that is fake or not priced correctly.

Admin can Assign any Product to any seller as per the need. This feature helps to set up a seller’s account quickly.


Using this plugin anyone can achieve success who wants to create some extra stream of income online. The best part is that it requires no technical knowledge to set it up. The developers have done a good job of making the setup very easy even for beginners.

Additionally, this plugin comes with interesting features that you don’t see on other plugins such as this one. The developers are constantly updating and adding new features thereby making it even better every day. No doubt, the WooCommerce Marketplace is the “the game-changer” for WordPress WooCommerce shop owners. No need to waste time looking for an alternative, you can get the plugin today and enjoy the awesome features that come with it.


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