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Etsy clone using Opencart is a Marketplace (eCommerce website) for the hand-crafted, vintage art goods. This Website allows various artist (sellers) to showcase and sell their artistic products like vintage pieces, art, etc through this website allowing customer from all around the world come to this online shop and get their desired art commodities.

Opening shop on is very easy and free, so anyone who wants to get maximum exposer and sale for their art commodities can open their online shop here. In, charges are applied while publishing their products to the sellers. Ratings and reviews from the customer encourage the sellers and if we see in the overall seller is benefited in terms of revenue and confidence.


We, Webkul have tried to create a “Feature Case Study of the Etsy” and providing a solution for various Etsy’s features through our Magento plugins. With the help of this case study, you will get to know how Etsy works from the seller and customer’s point of view. Let’s explain their main features one by one and then we will let you know which feature of the can be easily achieved with Webkul’s Modules.


A Marketplace should have an attractive landing page to engage their customers. Actually, landing page decides the fate of the marketplace. A landing page is very important for any big marketplace. It attracts the attention of the customer to buy products and attracts the sellers to open their online shop. Etsy provides a ravishing landing page to its users when they visit their website.


On the header, there is search bar option, where the user can search any product and there is a drop-down called “Browse”, which is used by the user to select any category. Scrolling down, we can see a big banner which provides awesomeness to the landing page. Below the banner images are few sections.

The first section is Community Tastemakers which shows favorite items selected by the Etsy’s member and it is Etsy’s top pick products with seller’s name and various products.


The second one is Trending Items which displays top three products of the seller’s whose products are sold maximum time with multiple reviews.


The third one is Blogger button, which shows items of the bloggers in the Then there is seller’s banner with their name and location and when clicked on that seller’s profile, then their shop opens with multiple products.


At the footer, there is an option for “Open Your Shop”, where the seller can open their own store on Etsy platform. On clicking on that option, the user will be redirected to a new page with various options arranged in a beautiful way to guide the seller to open their shop.


Few features present on “Open Your Shop” page:

What can you Sell: Here various options are provided like “Handmade Goods”, “Vintage”, “Craft Supplies” to help the seller/vendor to select what kind of products they want to sell on All the options are provided in well mannered with the nice images.



Why on Etsy: In this segment, explanation is provided why seller should open their shop on the Etsy platform.


Have more Questions: In this part, few FAQs are provided by the website management to clear remaining doubt of the seller/vendor regarding opening and selling on


Webkul Opencart Marketplace Landing page:

Webkul Marketplace module also provides a ravishing Landing page having searched bar which allows its user to search products on the Marketplace and various categories and their sub-categories are displayed on the header. You can see a button for an opening online shop in the Marketplace. From the admin panel, admin can set the button title and Sell header title.



The admin can add unlimited Tabs like “Welcome To Marketplace”, “Terms & Condition”  from the admin panel to make the landing page or “SELL” page beautiful and attractive.  We have provided WYSIWYG editor in the admin panel, so the admin can insert images, videos, text, etc to make them display on the “SELL” page.  It is to totally up to the admin to make the “SELL” page ravishing for its sellers and customers.



At the footer, the user can see “Long time sellers and Latest Products” of the Store. In the “Long time sellers”, the user can see an avatar of the seller, their location, and total products. In the “Latest Products”, the user can see product image, name, seller name, location, compare option and “Add to cart” option.


Inventory setting like product addition, enables product tags, applying images, adding the various custom price with price comes under the catalog management. provides one of the best catalog management and we will see in the below points-

Name your Shop – Here seller will enter their shop name and there is an Ajax check so that no shop name repeated on the easy. If seller shop’s name exists before then a message will appear “Not available” and if the shop name is unique the “Available” will be displayed. Even seller has the option of setting shop based on their language and if the language is not present then they select another language.



A seller on Etsy can add products very easily. The seller can add product images, description, an additional description like the variation with custom options and attributes. In product adding procedure will not be completed until and unless product image(s) are attached. In the below points, you will see how the product is added, images, price, quantity, categories.

Add images for the products product won’t be uploaded until seller upload, at least, one image of the product.


Listing details like Title of the product, Few lines about the listing like who made it (details about the product production), what is it and When it was made (Year). Seller will also enter the price, the select category for their product, enter the quantity and select type of product (physical or digital) and provide a description for their products.


Product Search Functionality: Search Item- Here seller can enter the total of 13 product related keywords for “Tags” and “Materials” so that their product can come in the result when any customer search any product with the keywords.


Preview Product before publishing: After the entering all the details of the product, the seller can see the preview of their product on the product page from the Customer’s point of view.


Webkul Opencart marketplace provides a tailored solution for the catalog management. This module manages product inventory efficiently, manages product categories & sub-categories. This module even manages online price. It allows sellers to add, delete and update products and its specifications.

General: Here, the seller can see various text boxes for entering the product name and its description.  Seller will also add meta description and product tags for the better SEO.


Data: Here, the seller will enter the model number of the product and other product related info. Seller will also enter the location for that product, its price, quantity, tax class, image, dimension, length class, weight. In the location, the seller can enter a zip code and that product will be filtered as per the zip code. In the date availability, the seller can provide info to its customers, when that product would be available in the store.



Links: Here, the  seller will enter Manufacturer name, Category, filter, download and related product for that product. Here, the seller can enter the category and its sub-category also.


Attributes/Options: With these two features, the seller can add options and attributes for their products to provide additional information regarding their products just as Etsy. These two features are very helpful and seller’s best friend when it comes while adding additional information regarding the product.



Discount & Specials: The seller can provide discount and special price for their products to the customers which in turn will increase their sales and revenue.



Reward: Here the seller can provide reward points to their customer on purchasing their products. The seller will select the Customer group and the enter the corresponding reward points.


Uploading mass products: Webkul also provide an additional feature to the seller and that is “Mass Upload of products” and this can be achieved by Opencart Marketplace Mass Upload. The seller can upload products through CSV file with price, quantity, description, images.

In the Marketplace, shipping can be of two types- Admin Driven and Seller/Vendor Driven. In Admin-Driven, shipping rates are managed by the admin from the admin panel and in the Seller-Driven, seller manages the shipping rates from the front-end.

In Etsy marketplace, the shipping management is done by the Seller at the time of adding the product. The seller adds shipping rates for a specific country and for the rest of the countries. They also enter the dispatch place and the processing time for that product. So at the time of adding a product, seller defines the shipping rates for that particular product.


In Webkul shipping can be managed by the admin as well as by the sellers. After the order is placed, then the seller, can generate shipment from their end. For the shipping rates, we have fantastic add-ons like Opencart Marketplace UPS Shipping, Opencart Marketplace Aramex Shipping, Opencart Marketplace Fedex Shipping and Opencart Marketplace USPS Shipping.

In the Etsy, there is an option called, “Get Paid” where the seller will pay commission for publishing their products on the After the payment, the user can search the added product on After paying commission, the seller can finally open their shop in platform. You can check the details for the payment below.


Webkul provides Membership feature by this addon called Opencart Marketplace Membership which the admin can restrict the seller to add the product. The Seller needs to buy any membership plan to become a seller and manage their store. Admin can set the payment method for membership and also apply membership plan based on “No. Of Products” and “Product Quantity”.

The Payment method is very important for any eCommerce website and it should be fast, reliable and secure in nature. Every eCommerce website struggles a lot in finding a payment gateway which captures the trust of the customers and it is even very important also. Nowadays when there is a lot of fraud of cases coming up so it is, even more, important to have a secure payment gateway.
Etsy provides many payment gateways to its customer like PayPal, Credit Card for making the payment. In Webkul, we provide many popular payment gateways like Opencart Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Payment, Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment and Opencart Marketplace Cash on Delivery. Our payment gateway splits the payment from the customer automatically between sellers and admin. So the load is reduced on the admin’s end of transferring amount manually to the sellers.

Big Marketplaces provide the return feature to its customer so that their customer can have a good quality of the product. Return Functionality engages a lot of customers and develops trust and confidence in them. In short, return management encourages the customer to make a purchase and this feature remains the backbone of their trust. Now this feature is also provided by the Webkul through- Opencart Marketplace RMA. This module allows the seller to manage the RMA from their end and the customer will have the benefit for RMA if their product is damaged or any other specific reason.

On the product page at the header, there is seller’s Avatar and name. There is an option to add that seller’s shop as “Favorite Shop” along with a feature to add that product as “Favorite Product” also. The customer can directly ask any query to the seller. Overview of the products are provided and options are provided to the customers.


Other items from that seller are displayed on the product page. Tags and materials motioned by the seller are also displayed on the product page for that product. Shipping and payment details are mentioned under the Shipping policies.

Webkul Opencart marketplace provides many inbuilt features for its customers. In the product page, the customer can see product images, description about the products, reviews related to that product, link to the Seller’s shop along with their avatar, location. When clicked on that link then the customer will be redirected to the seller’s profile. The customer can also view other products from that seller in the same product page.


In Webkul Opencart Marketplace, a customer can follow the seller by the help of an add-on called Opencart Marketplace Follow Seller. The customer can  get latest updates regarding the products and discount from the followed sellers.


For the “Ask Question” functionality, you can install Opencart Marketplace Question and Answer, which will enable the customer to ask a question related to the product to the seller from the product page. The seller can also approve or disapprove any particular question and answer. There is no need to approve the seller’s answer from admin side.


In the Split-cart functionality, the customer can add multiple products from different vendors/sellers and at the time of checkout, the customer can proceed to checkout differently for each seller or we can say the cart page will show different checkouts of different sellers. This method has many advantages like:-

  1. The seller will have an organized way to manage order as their order will not have any other seller’s product.
  2. Multiple Payment Option: The customer will have the freedom to choose multiple payment gateways to make the payment for different seller’s order.


It is very clear from the above points that Split-cart is very important for any giant marketplace and it is a must functionality. Nowadays, the competition is very high regarding the Online market and every e-commerce is trying to provide the best shopping experience and facility to their customers.
Etsy provides the best in class feature regarding the Split-cart functionality. We all know that people who are about to start or already have their online shop ask for the split-cart feature like Etsy. You can check the below image for the reference as well. They have split the shopping cart as per the two different seller’s products. For each seller, you can see the delivery days to deliver that product. You can also see the payment method offered by each seller. In case you want to view the collection of any seller, then you can directly click on the Seller’s Shop name and you will be
redirected to their online shop.
This world class features not only captures the customer’s attention, but it also helps in providing a professional look to the shopping cart as every product is organized as per the seller.

Webkul Opencart Marketplace Split-Cart

In Webkul, we have the best solution for the Split-cart functionality. One of our add-ons called Opencart Marketplace Split-cart which splits the shopping cart as per the seller. The customer can proceed with the checkout with any seller. The customer can select multiple payment and shipping options for each seller’s order during the checkout. With this module, existing shipping and payment gateways will also work. Please check the shopping cart which has been split among two sellers – John Store and Smith Store. Here the customer can update the quantity and then proceed with the checkout.


Still have a query, Please Contact Us and we will get back to your query as soon as possible.

Disclaimer- Etsy is a registered trademark. Webkul is not a partner or an affiliator of Etsy. This blog is only for the user perspective.


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