How Nederlands LEGO Collection Shop, BrickFever Uses Web-based Retail POS System

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BrickFever is a toy store based out in Oisterwijk, Nederlands that sells the latest LEGO collection at attractive prices. From its physical store and web store, kids from different age groups can find the complete range of construction-friendly and colourful LEGO sets, parts, and accessories.


LEGO – The most popular building toy

LEGO is a type of construction toy from The LEGO Group company based in Denmark. The LEGO bricks are colourful plastic building blocks that can be joined together easily to make a tower, house, and more. They are the most popular building construction toy in the world.


The company was started by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish toy maker, in 1935. Christiansen made wooden toys for children. He made and sold his first plastic LEGO sets in the 1940s.

Since then, the LEGO brand has become very popular and is known and loved by people around the world kids and adults alike.

LEGO bricks come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. There are wheels, car screens, and plants. LEGO bricks can be joined together in many ways. Vehicles, buildings, and even robots can all be built with LEGO bricks.

BrickFever – Your Complete LEGO Shop

There are many Lego-selling toy shops in the Oisterwijk area, but BrickFever is the most popular among buyers. Although it is not an official Lego store, it is by far more extensive, cheaper, and accessible than any brand store.


The BrickFever shop is open for customers from 9 AM to 5 PM and closed on Thursdays and Sundays. Kids can come, have fun, play around and find a huge collection of Lego toys.

Brickfever pos counter

BrickFever Online Shop

Besides the physical store, BrickFever runs an online store for customers to shop anytime, anywhere. The customers can get free shipping on orders of € 100, and make secure payments via. iDeal, PayPal, and Credit Card.

If a customer places an order before 4 PM, the same-day shipment is available. Further, it offers the store-pickup option to collect the order immediately from the physical shop at Oisterwijk.

brickfever-web-storeThe BrickFever online shop is built on the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. The online store is available in multiple store views for – Dutch, English, and German languages.


Store views are usually available to show the store in different languages, although they can be used for other purposes, as well. Customers use the language chooser in the header to change the store view.

Choosing a POS System

Raymond Verhoeven manages BrickFever, he was looking to set up a Nederlands POS (point of sales system) for his shop. Currently, there are many types of POS systems available in the market- Terminal POS, Mobile POS, Online/Web POS, and Self-Service Kiosk POS.

Raymond Verhoeven

Oisterwijk, Netherlands

Since BrickFever already runs an online shop, Web/Online POS made sense, as this would easily integrate the online and offline stores. Also, unlike Terminal POS, you don’t require any new hardware or software application to manage the POS system.


Web POS Benefits

Web-based POS or Online POS is the best solution for any type of small retail business. As it doesn’t require a complex set of hardware or software installation, as it simply runs on any web browser. Such as – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

brickfever pos

The Web-POS system directly connects with the cloud server and synchronizes all the retail store information – sales orders, inventory, and customers, with an online store. Moreover, if a network is unable, Web POS works offline and saves data on local storage.

BrickFever Nederlands POS

Right now BrickFever is using Webkul’s POS System for Magento 2. This is a Web-based Cloud POS solution that easily connects with your existing Magento store and syncs all the data on a real-time basis.

brickfever pos

Now, retail store owners, don’t need to purchase any new hardware or invest huge resources to work on Web POS. You can use your existing desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad and even connect it to other peripheral devices:

  • Sales receipt printer
  • Cash register or drawer
  • Barcode scanner/reader
  • Barcode printer

webkul pos

There are a number of ways through which the cashier can add items to the POS cart. Either, the cashier can search by name, enter SKU, scan a barcode label, or simply click on the product image on the screen. Webkul POS works with both touch-enabled and non-touchscreen devices.


Offer Custom Discount

In Webkul Web POS System, the cashier has the option to offer a custom discount on an item. This discount can be either a per cent value or any fixed amount.


Offering discounts and running promotions are great to lure customers and keep the business coming. With the Webkul POS custom discount feature, the cashier has two ways to offer discounts. Either give a custom discount while adding items or apply a discount coupon at the checkout.

webkul pos discount

POS Inventory Management

With Magento 2.3 release update, it let merchants manage MSI (multiple source inventory). With MSI, store owners are able to configure inventory for a single source and multiple sources. Merchants can assign and map stock to different sources, aggregate saleable quantity, and track deductions.

Webkul’s POS System works with Magento 2.3 MSI feature. If you are managing multiple physical stores or outlets, you can manage stock, select a source, and assign products.

Webkul POS Add Outlet

Since the BrickFever shop is only available at Oisterwijk, therefore it didn’t require an MSI function. Due to this Raymond needed the Same Source selection option for the webshop and Nederlands POS system. Webkul did some changes as per BrickFever shop requirements and configured the POS system.

brickfever pos

Split Payment – Cash/Card Swipe

While accepting payment from the customer, the cashier can accept cash or do a credit/debit card swipe. Additionally, split payment also works, where a part of the amount is received in cash and the rest is paid via. card swipe.

webkul pos - split payment

The cashier can mention the split payment received details and enter the last four digits of the card for record-keeping. In the cart, the cashier can view the tax calculation, discount, quantity and total amount to receive.

Apart from Web POS, Webkul offers Magento 2 Native POS App as well, where you get fully native apps for Android and iOS. You don’t need to buy an expensive Nederlands POS machine for your business. Webkul’s Web POS or Native POS works best for any type of business from any location.



Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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