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About Bachchay

Bachchay is an ecommerce store dealing dedicatedly to full-fill the requirements for kids. Ranging from infants to teens bachchay deals in everything that is required by the children falling under this group.

At Bachchay you can experience products from various essential categories like books, electrical goods, clothes, musical instruments and much, much more.

Bachchay caters specifically for children between 0 to 18 age group which usually help the parents of little and growing ones to buy special products for their young ones without involving much.

Bachchay is all about balance and helping children to grow, develop, and prosper with the full backing of loving parents or guardians. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and make full use of the guides and other resources that Bachchay offers.

At Bachchay you can just simply being a guest user can place orders without being involved in the sign-up process also you can use Bitcoin payment gateway in order to pay for your products.

You’ll also see that we are one of the world’s only e-tailers that provide a Bitcoin payment gateway. We strongly believe in innovation and providing choice to our users.

We also believe that you shouldn’t be forced to sign up, just so that you can make a purchase.

Client discussion with Webkul

Mr. Mandeep Sodhi owner at came up to Webkul with an idea to build an online marketplace. Mandeep wants to build a user-friendly interactive webstore so keeping this in mind he chose Magento as the ecommerce platform.

Our client raised a ticket over Webkul support to know regarding Magento multi-vendor marketplace, and some other essential compatible extensions that are important to create a full-time marketplace store.

Our sales team understood well the requirement asked by our client and helped him by resolving his queries related to various modules before creating the marketplace store.

Creating the Perfect Marketplace

In order to start the marketplace from scratch, our developer’s started customizing the module with the client website. With the help of Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, the suppliers/sellers can easily manage the inventory, shipment of products, Seller Profile page and Seller Collection page.

The supplier/seller can add multiple types of products – Simple, Configurable, Virtual & Downloadable.

This extension is supported by many shipping & payment add-ons including FedEx, USPS, DHL, PayPal, Stripe, Aramex.

After integrating the module with the client website, Mandeep inquired about the fulfillment, shipment and regarding advertising the products within the marketplace.

For Fulfillment of orders like Amazon does-

Fulfillment like Amazon i.e. warehouse management including inventory management and other associated features.

For this our team recommends Magento Multi-Vendor DropShipping, all the warehouses were managed by the admin. The Admin can add/edit or delete warehouse if needed and Buyer can select shipping method according to Warehouse.

At you can find the Bachchay fulfillment programme which works a lot like the fulfillment of products like Amazon do.

Shipping similar to Amazon

For this our team recommends Magento Marketplace Shipping On Per Product, In this, the seller can set the shipping rate per product from the seller end.

The seller can add invoice & packing slip address & also the VAT, TAX information. The invoice & shipping slip can be easily downloadable.

How to Advertised/Sponsored product list

Our team recommends Mandeep regarding Marketplace Advertisement Manager for Magento2 that allows the sellers to purchase advertisement spaces/blocks and post an advertisement on the website front-end at various different positions/locations.

The sellers can easily create their ad blocks and then can select them for the advertisements space that they wish to book. The seller ad blocks will be visible at the different advertisement space positions on the front-end. Please check this add-on and let us know if you need this functionality.

It’s always a great idea to provide your customers with a variety of products, for this you can provide them with the products listed on your Magento store or the products listed in other stores.

Knowing this and to provide the customers with tons of product. Our client raised a query regarding some marketplace connectors modules.

Our sales team suggested the most prominent ones which are:-

Export/Import eBay listing to the marketplace

Magento 2 Marketplace eBay Connector is an add-on for Multi-Vendor Module which allows the seller to import all the eBay products along with gallery images, price, quantity, to the Magento Marketplace account.

Export/Import Amazon listing to the marketplace

With the help of this marketplace add-on, the sellers will be able to connect their Amazon store account with marketplace store and synchronize products and orders.

A vendor can import and export products between Amazon and Magento marketplace store. From Magento end, the admin and the vendors can update the products on Amazon. Marketplace Amazon Connector module also works with product variations.

Export/Import Etsy listing to the marketplace

With the help of this extension, the admin and vendors can connect their Etsy shop with Magento Marketplace. Sync products, categories, and orders between Etsy and Magento 2. Configure default values for Etsy product export listing.

Initiating Membership for Sellers

Mandeep raised a query regarding the membership modules both for sellers and buyers. For the sellers, our sales team suggested the Magento 2 Marketplace Seller group module which allows the admin to categorize sellers into Gold, Platinum, Silver and various other groups.

These Groups will restrict seller to upload a certain amount of product to his account, e.g. it will limit the number of product upload. The admin can restrict seller/vendors based on product quantity & time.

Shipping Methods Implemented

In order to make a successful online store, the store owner needs to implement a couple of essential things, and shipping is one of them. Mandeep knows the importance of shipping as its a very essential part of the order processing so he asked us for Magento 2 Royal shipping & Table Rate Shipping Marketplace add-on. is initially set up at the United Kingdom, so being the center, the client wants to have the best shipping carrier to be used in their region i.e Royal Mail.

For this, we have suggested him to use our Magento 2 Royal Mail shipping extension for shipping the products domestically and Internationally from the U.K – United Kingdom. By using this module, you can provide Royal Mail shipping to your customers.

Table Rate Shipping makes it possible for the sellers to create complex rules for shipping their products worldwide.

They can define multiple rates based on the product’s destination, can have multiple rates per zone, and also can add rules based on product weight, a number of items, shipping class, and price.

Fast Delivery Options

Mandeep knows the importance of delivering products/services that imbibe speed and quality in equal measure. Simply have realized that speedy delivery is the key factor to boost up the E-commerce sales.

So in order to facilitate the fast delivery options, Mandeep discussed the respective customization with our sales team. For setting up the delivery options- You can select any shipping method from the admin panel for the membership, and only that shipping method will be displayed.

Optimized Navigation

To provide a user-friendly experience to the customers feature like layer navigation is must to add. For this, we recommended our client to go for Magento 2 Advanced Layered Navigation module which is used to optimize and improves navigation of the webstore.

It’s designed to find products based on Color, condition, price, and other attributes very easily. Using this module you can filter multiple attributes and attributes values at a time.

Return Products & Orders

Return, exchange & cancellation is a part of ecommerce orders. In order to make a perfect marketplace, Mandeep asked for an RMA module which is super useful for product return and order return between buyer and seller.

In this, the buyer can easily generate RMA for the refund and replace, seller, can do the full or partial refund and much more.

Adaptive Payment Method

Mandeep asked for some of the most prominent payment methods to be used in the online store, and we suggested him the Paypal Adaptive Payment method which splits the payment from the customers between the seller and the admin automatically which will be hassle free for both admin as well as for the seller.

Current Status of the Website

At present is running live and making profits, they are among one of the most prominent eCommerce online store based in greater London.

Till now Mandeep team is connected with us, for support services as well as for querying on our latest developed modules in order to check their compatibility with the, so as to step apart from the existing competition in their region.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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