Role of AMP in Booking Marketplaces

It cannot be gainsaid that E-commerce has become a pressing priority and a vital element of every human’s life. Be it booking tickets online or buying groceries through apps, no one can overlook the prevalence of e-business.

In the past few years, E-Commerce has outgrown and has encountered a massive drift from desktop-based websites to mobile-based sites.

Now, this is something we can chew over!

Stats depict that 51.3% of the internet is accessed on cellphones, which shall surely increase in the near future. It has to be, as cellphones are portable and one can access the internet on any horizon, regardless of time.

In light of the above, business entrepreneurs in this day and age focus more on creating websites which are mobile compatible. It is easy to jot down, but it is one heck of a challenge! One of the major concerns is Speed.

For instance, you wish to access Webkul’s website to check the job opportunities. On hitting the company’s URL you realize that it is as slow as a slug and takes an ample amount of time to open up.

The very next thing that you’ll do is to cross the tab and start looking for other options for your requirements.

For that reason, we need to integrate some extraordinary features, AMP (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) being one of them!

Let us move further, and dig in to explore the nitty-gritty of the Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Let’s consider a very common scenario. Suppose, you open up the movie ticket booking app on your cellphone to book movie tickets.

While booking the seats you encounter a speed deterioration, and you’re unable to book the seats and the app crashes.

This shall definitely increase the bounce rate, initially, making you lose a customer, thereafter!

AMP is the Way Out!

You’ve hit it right if your website opens up in less than 1 second and that’s how AMP functions!

Just hit the link and there you have the website’s page in front of you; no need to tap the back button.

Without any second thought, AMP has to be a driving force behind a supreme quality mobile website.

An Insight

AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Pages is Google’s Open Source Project. Being a Google’s project it’ll definitely help place the website on top in the SERP or the Search Engine Result Page; well, who doesn’t want that!

When it’s about performance, it saves your day by ensuring that mobile pages load for the users almost instantly.

Another add-on is, it removes all the unnecessary data/ content present on your website and incorporates lazy loading. This assures that its the content that is visible to your customers, first, thus optimizing the website.

Faster Page Load definitely has an additional set of merits- the bounce rate, higher CTR’s or the click-through rates and almost no cart abandonment.

Obviously, if the content is promptly available to the customers, the CTR’s will apparently increase, thus, retaining the customers and thereby resulting in fewer bounce rates.

Okay! with this being said, how about the idea of integrating AMP with Booking Marketplaces?

Let’s see if we can achieve this or not!

We are quite aware of the fact that booking marketplaces have given a new definition to digital commerce.

After all, you simply need to turn on your wi-fi and book your favorite movie show on Book My Show app on your cellphone while relaxing at home; no need to stand in long queues.

It is because of this reason e-commerce transactions through mobile apps have gained potency and has become a prime need for all humans in this day and age.

Incorporating AMP in Booking Sites

Let’s outset the idea with a real-time scenario. Suppose, you’re planning a trip to Paris and choose Make My Trip for booking hotels in there.

As soon as you search for the keywords on your handset’s browser, it will display a list of hotels in Paris.

On hitting a non-amp link of any hotel, the user might face several troubles such as delay in page loading, distorted data, etc. Most of all, it ain’t listed as top searches on the SERP page.

The result pages which display on top include a thunder-bolt sign indicating the AMP configuration on the hotel’s page.

This page must open up lightening fast as per what the thunder-bolt sign indicates!

If a user chooses to access the AMP version of the same page, it opens up on a finger-tap, it is that swift!

So, for hoteliers, it is essential to adopt and develop AMP version for their web pages for on-time content delivery and a responsive web page.

This initiates converting lookers into bookers thereby increasing the user interaction with your website.

Developing a Booking Website with AMP can be challenging as it seems, but the official AMP has got the solution! the AMP Components.

It’s not just words but one can go through the AMP components by hitting the following link-

The official AMP website provides a list of components for:

  • developing an E-Commerce site’s page,
  • components for Checkout Flow
  • Components for Hotel / Booking Systems
  • Housing
  • Payments in AMP
  • Product Browse Page
  • Product Page
  • Shopping Cart

For instance, one can integrate the room search component with their booking apps by implementing the official AMP’s amp-date-picker as shown in the given image.

As Speed lays the foundation of any website’s success rate, it also plays an essential part in retaining the customers.

No customer likes to be kept waiting, be it offline in long queues or online, just seeing the website load.

Also, if a page takes time to load, then the customer cannot engross with the website’s content desirably.

Hence, AMP is the solution!







That’s all for the Role of AMP in Booking Marketplaces. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at


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