Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors


The Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendor will allow the sellers to acquire the admin product and sell them as per there requirement.

Here, the admin will create a list of product on the bases of Pre Product, Categories, Attributes, and Manufacturers.

The seller, in turn, can acquire the product and sell them as there requirement.

The seller here can state the price as per the requirement. It can save the seller from uploading their products on the store.


The assignment of the product to the sellers will lead to its affiliate sales. The admin now need not worry about product sales.

product_list_approval_Opencart_B2B_Wholesale_Catalogue _Vendors

For this, the admin needs to only create a list of product. Once the product allocation to the seller is done.

The admin needs to approve the request. However, the auto-approval of the request can also take place.



The Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue plugin just like Point Of Sale system will allow multi-channel sales of the product.

This is done by assigning the seller a product. This will enhance the spectrum of sales of the product.


Thus, the seller can specify their respective quantity and price as per business requirement.

Here the seller will also specify the image of the product for better understanding of the customer.




The customer will now even have better ability to purchase of the product. It is easy for them to select a product out of multiple products.


Now they can compare similar products on the basis of Price, and Quantity.

This will give them the right to select out the best product among various options.

That’s all for the Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors. Still, have any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

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