Etsy clone using Magento 2

Etsy clone using Magento 2: is an e-commerce website that sells handcrafted and vintage art. This website allows many artists (sellers) to display and sell their artistic items such as vintage pieces, art, and so on, allowing clients from all over the world to visit this online shop and purchase their desired art commodities.

Anyone who wants to receive maximum exposure and sales for their art commodities can start an online shop on It’s really easy and free. Charges are levied to sellers on when they publish their products. Customer ratings and reviews motivate sellers, and we can see that overall, the seller benefits in terms of revenue and confidence.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-1

Through our Magento plugins, Webkul has attempted to construct a “Feature Case Study of Etsy” and provide a solution for numerous Etsy features. This case study will show you how Etsy works from the perspective of both the vendor and the customer. Let’s go over each of their primary features one by one, and then we’ll tell you which feature can be readily done using Webkul’s Modules.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-z

To engage clients, a marketplace should have a visually appealing landing page. Actually, the fate of the market is decided by the landing page. For any large marketplace, a landing page is critical. It draws customers’ attention to buy things and sellers’ attention to start an online store. When consumers enter Etsy’s website, they are greeted with a beautiful landing page.


Etsy clone using Magento 2- There is a search bar option in the header where the user may search for any product, and there is a drop-down called “Browse” where the user can select any category. As we scroll down, we notice a large banner that adds to the landing page’s attractiveness. There are a few parts below the banner graphics.

The first area is Community Tastemakers, which displays preferred things chosen by Etsy members, as well as Etsy’s top pick products, which include the seller’s name and a variety of products.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img4

The second is Trending Items, which shows the top three products of a seller whose products have received the most reviews and have been sold for the longest time.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img5

The third option is the Blogger button, which displays things created by bloggers on Then there’s the seller’s banner, which includes their name and location, and when that seller’s profile is clicked, their shop with several products opens.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img6

In the footer, there is an option to “Open Your Shop,” which allows the seller to create their own Etsy store. When the user selects that choice, they will be taken to a new page with a variety of options organised pleasingly to assist the seller with opening their shop.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img7

Few features are present on the “Open Your Shop” page:

What Can You Sell: Various categories such as “Handmade Goods,” “Vintage,” and “Craft Supplies” are available to assist the seller/vendor in deciding what type of products they want to sell on All of the options are presented in a well-organized manner, with attractive visuals.

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Why on Etsy: In this segment, the explanation is provided why the seller should open their shop on the Etsy platform.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img9

Have additional inquiries: The website administration provides a few FAQs in this section to clear up any residual doubts the seller/vendor may have about opening and selling on


Webkul Magento Marketplace Landing page:

Webkul’s Marketplace module also includes a beautiful landing page with a search bar that allows users to search for products on the Marketplace, as well as a header with numerous categories and sub-categories. On the banner, you can write a description and a link to Seller’s Shop will appear.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img11

Then there are four fantastic symbols illustrating processes for the seller to follow to open the shop. Labels are put underneath the icons to provide suitable guidance to the vendor. The symbols are all very appealing and colourful, which adds to the appeal of the landing page.


Then there’s “Vendors With Taste,” where you’ll find a list of different sellers, each with their top three products and a link to their store. The customer can get a quick overview of any seller’s whole product line. The customer will be sent to a website containing all sellers if they click the “View All” tab.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img13

There’s a section called “Why Sell with Us,” with a thorough explanation that looks pretty great. You can verify this for yourself.


The processes for the seller to open their shop are depicted attractively in the footer. Account, Company, and Quick Links are all located in the footer. Please see the image below.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img15

Catalog administration includes inventory settings such as product addition, enabling product tags, applying photos, and adding multiple custom prices with prices. is one of the top catalogue management systems, as we’ll see in the points below. –

Name your Shop – Here, the seller will input the name of their shop, and an Ajax check will ensure that no shop names are is repeated on the easy. If the seller’s shop name has already been used, the message “Not available” will appear; if the shop name is unique, the message “Available” will appear. Even sellers have the choice of opening up shop in their native language, and if that language isn’t available, they can choose another language.

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Etsy clone using Magento 2-img17

A seller on Etsy can easily add things to their store. The seller can provide product photos, a description, and a variation description with configurable options and characteristics. The product adding procedure on will not be completed until the product image(s) have been attached. You can see how the product is added, photos, price, quantity, and classifications in the points below.

Product images should be added. The product will not be uploaded until the seller has uploaded at least one image of it.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img18

Details about the product, such as the title, are listed. A few paragraphs regarding the listing, such as who manufactured it (production data), what it is, and when it was made (Year). In addition, the seller will input the pricing, choose a category for their product, enter the quantity, choose a product type (physical or digital), and describe their products.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img19

Product Search Functionality: Search Item- Here, a seller can input a total of 13 product-related keywords for “Tags” and “Materials” so that their product appears when a buyer searches for those keywords.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img20

Product Preview Before Publication: After inputting all of the product’s details, the seller can see a preview of their product from the customer’s perspective on the product page.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img21

Webkul Magento marketplace delivers a customised catalogue management solution. This module efficiently maintains product inventories as well as product categories and subcategories. This module is also in charge of the online pricing. It gives sellers the ability to add, remove, and edit products as well as their specs.

Sellers may see the many categories that the admin has set, and they can choose which category they wish to add their goods to.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img22

Seller will establish the pricing: The seller will input the product’s price and, for basic products, the quantity. The seller can enter a special discounted pricing, as well as the start and finish dates if they like.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img24

Stock Availability: The seller will select Stock Availability, the product’s visibility in the marketplace, the tax class for that product, the product’s weight, and finally, the product’s images.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img25

Custom Attributes and Custom Options: Now for the custom attribute and option, the seller can make use of two add-ons called Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute and Magento Marketplace Custom Options. In the same way that Etsy allows sellers to add options and qualities to their products, these two add-ons allow sellers to provide additional information about their products. These two add-ons are quite useful and the seller’s best friend when it comes to providing additional product details.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img26

Uploading a large number of products: Webkul also offers a function to sellers called “Mass Upload of Products,” which can be done in several ways by Magento Marketplace Mass Upload. The seller can upload products with price, quantity, description, and images using a CSV file.

There are two forms of shipping in the Marketplace: admin-driven and seller/vendor-driven. The admin manages shipping prices from the admin panel in Admin-Driven, while the seller manages shipping rates from the front end in Seller-Driven.

The Seller manages shipping on the Etsy marketplace at the time of adding the product. The seller includes delivery costs for a single country as well as the rest of the world. They also enter the product’s dispatch location and processing time. As a result, when a product is added, the seller determines the shipping charges for that product.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img27

Shipping may be managed by both the admin and the sellers in Webkul. The vendor might create a shipment from their end after the order is placed. For shipping costs, we have a terrific add-on called Magento Marketplace Shipping per product per nation, which allows a seller to add multiple shipping rates for different countries and different products.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img28

On Etsy, there is a feature called “Get Paid” that allows sellers to pay a commission for having their products listed on the site. After making the payment, the user can go to and look for the newly added item. The merchant can finally open their shop on the marketplace after paying the commission. The payment information can be found below.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img29

Any eCommerce website’s payment method is critical, and it should be quick, dependable, and safe. Every eCommerce website has a difficult time locating a payment gateway that earns clients’ trust and is also highly crucial. Nowadays, with so many fraud cases on the rise, having a secure payment gateway is even more crucial.

Etsy offers a variety of payment options to its customers, including PayPal and credit cards. Many prominent payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, MangoPay, Braintree, and others, are available with Webkul. Our payment gateway automatically shares the customer’s payment between sellers and admin. As a result, the administrative burden of manually sending funds to sellers is decreased.

Even our Magento Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Payment payment plugin offers partial and complete refunds. Sellers and administrators can both issue refunds from their end, and this functionality helps to earn customers’ trust in terms of payment.

Customers of large marketplaces can use the return feature to ensure that the product they receive is of good quality. Return Functionality engages a large number of customers and builds their trust and confidence. In a nutshell, return management encourages customers to buy, and this trait is the foundation of their confidence.

Now, this feature is also provided by the Webkul through- Magento Marketplace RMA. This module enables the seller to manage RMAs from their end, while the buyer will be eligible for RMA if their product is damaged or for any other reason.

The seller’s Avatar and name can be found in the header of the product page. A feature to add that seller’s business as a “Favorite Shop” as well as a feature to add that product as a “Favorite Product” is also available. The client can ask the seller any question directly. The buyers are given an overview of the products as well as possibilities.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img31

On the product page, you may see what else the vendor has to offer. The seller’s tags and materials are also displayed on the product page for that product. Shipping and payment information can be found in the Shipping policies section.

Customers of the Webkul Magento marketplace have access to some built-in capabilities. The customer can examine product photographs and link to the Seller’s shop on the product page. When the consumer clicks on that link, they will be taken to the seller’s profile. The customer can email that information to a friend, and they can even leave product feedback on the product page.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img32

You can install the Marketplace add-on Magento Marketplace Favorite Seller for the “favourite Shop,” which allows customers to add that seller to their favourite shop. Please see the image below. The buyer can also add the seller as a favourite by visiting their Collection page with this add-on.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img33

For the “Ask Question” functionality, you can install Magento Marketplace Question and Answer, from the product page, the client will be able to ask the seller a question about the product. With the help of this add-on, the seller and admin can respond to the questions that the buyer has posted. This add-on is quite helpful in dispelling any questions about the product. The responses can also be liked or disliked by the customer.

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The customer can add several products from different vendors/sellers to their cart, and when it comes time to checkout, they can proceed to checkout differently for each seller, or the cart page will show separate checkouts from different merchants. This approach has some advantages, including:

Because their order will not contain any other seller’s product, the seller will be able to manage orders in a more orderly manner.
Multiple Payment Options: Customers will have the option of using different payment gateways to pay for different sellers’ orders.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img35

The importance of Split-cart for any large marketplace is evident from the preceding arguments, and it is a must-have feature. Nowadays, there is a lot of rivalry in the online industry, and every e-commerce is attempting to give their clients the finest shopping experience and facility.

Etsy delivers the finest in class feature regarding the Split-cart capability. We all know that people who are starting or already have an online store, such as Etsy, clamour for the split-cart option. You can also use the image below as a reference.

The shopping cart has been divided into two sections, one for each of the two sellers’ products. The delivery days for each seller can be found on their individual product pages. Each seller’s payment options are also displayed. If you wish to see a seller’s collection, simply click on the name of the seller’s shop and you will be sent to that seller’s collection. Their internet store has been redirected.

This world-class function not only attracts customers’ attention but also helps to give the shopping cart a professional appearance, as each product is grouped according to the seller’s specifications.

Webkul Magento Marketplace Split-Cart

We offer the greatest solution for the Split-cart feature at Webkul. Magento Marketplace Split-cart is one of our addons that divides the shopping cart per seller. Any merchant can complete the checkout process for the buyer. During the checkout process, the buyer can choose from a variety of payment and delivery alternatives for each seller’s purchase.

Existing shipping and payment gateways will also operate with this module. Please check the shopping cart which has been split across two vendors – Garment Shop and Art & Craft. The customer can then proceed to the checkout after updating the quantity.

Etsy clone using Magento 2-img36

Still have a query, Please Contact Us and we will get back to your query as soon as possible.

Disclaimer- Etsy is a registered trademark. Webkul is not a partner or an affiliate of Etsy. This blog is only from the user perspective.

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