Magento Marketplace Custom Option

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As Magento now officially released Magento2 on Nov 17, 2015, Webkul Will offer free download for the extension purchased from Nov 17, 2015 or onwards.We are working hard on updating our extensions in latest Magento2 and will surely notify when the extension will get updated for Magento2.

Magento Marketplace Custom Options– After building the Best Magento multi vendor marketplace module in the Magento Community we have added one extra addon in our marketplace module . By using this module, seller can add custom options as well in their marketplace Magento products.

Here are some Brilliant features –

  1. Fully dynamic custom option creation.
  2. Working with all Magento versions.
  3. Support all input type e.g dropdown.
  4. All the features of Magento custom options at vendor panel by which seller / vendor can create and update product with custom options.
  5. Vendor can add price dependent custom options example – based on selection of any drop drown price will be changed at add to cart which is super useful feature for vendors during product upload from marketplace seller panel.