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eBay clone using Magento modules

eBay Marketplace is one of the World’s Largest Marketplace which caters the  need of billion of people every day. It provides a huge number of functionality to  its customers, sellers which help both the seller to sell their products and  increase the revenue and in the same time the customers are benefited in terms  of deals, offers, returns. For a Marketplace to be successful, it is important that  each of its features should function properly.  There are many perks and  advantages in opening your online store in eBay Marketplace like complete  exposure from all around the customers, maximum sales & profit.

We, Webkul, did a small initiative to present a case study  ( eBay clone using Magento modules) on the features  provided by the eBay Marketplace to its sellers and customers and tried to  explain what all eBay features can be achieved by Webkul plugins. Let’s  explain their main features one by one and then we will let you know which  feature of the eBay Marketplace can be easily achieved with Webkul’s  Modules.



A Landing page speaks a lot for the Marketplace and it should be attractive,  provide specific information about the products, captures the mind of the  customers and all these qualities are provided by eBay Marketplace.


On the header, there is a search box, drop­down for selecting the categories then  main products categories. Then you can see a banner with slider functionality  which displays deal on various products. You can also see eBay Guarantee which  is a customer policy for replacement or replaces the ordered items.

Today’s Featured Collections-   

In this section, the customer can see the product collections which are featured on the Landing page for a particular day. The customer can see images of the  products, the price of the product and link of the collection page.


When you will click on the link to the collection page, then you can see seller  name and on clicking on that, you will be redirected seller’s collection page.  There is a Follow link and on clicking on that link, the customer will get  product collection updates in future. You can also see total followers, total  views, and comments.


Today’s Trending Collections-

In this section, the customer can see the product collections which are trending  on the Landing page for a particular day. The customer can see images of the  products, the price of the product and link of the collection, page.


When you will click on the link to the collection page, then you can see seller  name and on clicking on that, you will be redirected seller’s collection page.  There is a Follow link and on clicking on that link, the customer will get  product collection updates in future. You can also see total followers, total  views, and comments.


At the footer, the customer can see multiple links for the sellers and buyers.  When the user will click on “Open a shop on eBay” it will redirect to a new  page for opening a new store on eBay marketplace. For the buyer, there are many  links like Buyer Basics ( it provide help to the customer in bidding & buying  option, seller fee, membership account),  Buyer Guarantee, eBay charity. For  the seller, there are various features like­  Seller Tools, Seller central.


Webkul Magento Marketplace Landing page:

Webkul Magento Marketplace  module also provides a ravishing Landing page  having searched bar which allows its user to search products on the Marketplace  and various categories and their sub­categories are displayed on the header. You  can provide a description on the banner and there will be a link for opening  Seller’s Shop.


Then comes four awesome icons depicting steps for the seller how to open the  shop. Below the icons, labels are provided so that seller can have proper  guidance. All the icons are very attractive and colorful which makes the landing  page very attractive.


Then comes “Sellers With Taste”, where various sellers with their top three  products and a link to their shop are provided. The customer can have the  information in a gist about the total products of any seller. There is a tab called,  “View All” from where the customer will be redirected to a page with all  sellers.


There is “Why to Sell with us” and detailed explanation is provided which looks  really nice. You can check for yourself.


At the footer, there are steps for the seller for opening their shop, depicted in an  attractive manner. At the footer, there are various links Account, Company,  Quick links. Please check the below image.


Opening Shop on eBay­

For opening an online shop on eBay, there are few rules which are to be  followed.  The first step is “Shop Overview”, where the seller will learn concept  about eBay online store, the importance of online shop and any more. In jest, it is an  overview for the sellers who wants to open their online store in eBay  Marketplace.


Then comes the seller fee for the sellers. There are three store subscriptions –  Basic, Featured & Premium.  The third step is “Setting up your Shop”. Here  various steps are provided for designing the online store in eBay Marketplace.  The last step is “Selling Manager & Selling Manager Pro” which are designed  to make seller efficient.




eBay in Deals provides deal and offers to the customers. There is Daily Deal option where products are sold at reduced price. There is “More Deal” option  where you can have Best Price store, Top Picks, International Deals, Pick of the Day.


Webkul provides a Daily Deal Plugin for the Marketplace called Magento  Marketplace Daily Deal which enables daily deal feature for sellers, by which  seller can add deals for their product.  By using this module sellers can apply  deal on their products and Add/Edit/delete product daily deal from seller’s  account.



eBay Guarantee provides Replace, Returns to the customer if they are not  satisfied with the products or if they find any issue in the products. The  customer can raise a claim on the ordered product and the resolution is resolved  within allotted time duration.  Even if the ordered product is not delivered to the  customer, then also they can raise a claim and then sellers and owner will look  into the issue. Webkul provides a plugin which provides similar functionality­  refund, replace, cancel called   Magento Marketplace RMA System  by which the  Buyer can generate RMA for Refund/Replace, Seller can do a Full or Partial  refund.



Inventory setting like product addition, enables product tags, applying images,  adding the various custom price with price comes under the catalog  management. eBay provides one of the best catalog management and we will  see in the below points­.

Select a Category­-

For listing a product, the seller will enter the title of the listing and the select  category for that particular product. The seller can select child category also as  per their product requirement and when they are done with the category  selection, they move to the next step.


Description of the item­-

Here, the seller will describe the product and choose condition like “Old”,  “New”, refurbished” from the drop­down.


Product  Images­-

The seller can add up to 12 images for the product.


Product Specifications­-

Ebay provides the seller to add product specifications like type, age, brand,  model number, etc. In fact, the seller can create new specification area for their  product if they don’t find any existing specification  as per their requirement.


Format & price­-

The seller can add their product as Auction or can sell the product normally.



The seller has to offer the payment as PaisaPay payment method.  The seller  can also select PaisaPay COD for eligible product listing.


For offering PaisaPay payment method, the seller has to register. They have to  share their account information, in which payment from the customer will be  transferred.



The seller can select shipping methods from the drop­down, select handling  time, enter shipping rate and can also select fee shipping for that particular  product.


Webkul Magento Marketplace  provides a tailored solution for the catalog  management. This module manages product inventory efficiently, manages  product categories & sub­categories. This module even manages online price. It  allows sellers to add, delete and update products and its specifications.

Category Selection- 


The seller can see various categories added by the admin and the seller can the select the category in which they want to add their product.


Naming Product-

Seller will enter the name of the product, add a description,  short description. There is the editor for adding the effect in the description  of the product.


Seller will set Price-

The seller will enter the price of the product and for the simple  product, seller can enter the quantity. If the seller wants, they can enter special  discounted price along with the start and end date.


Stock Availability-

The seller will choose the Stock Availability, Visibility of the  product in the marketplace, select the Tax class for that product, enter the  weight of the product and then upload images for the product.


Custom Attributes and Custom Options-

Now for the custom attribute and  option, the seller can make use of two add­ons called   Magento Marketplace  Custom Attribute  and   Magento Marketplace Custom Options  . With these two  add­ons, the seller can add options and attributes for their products to provide  additional information regarding their products just as Etsy. These two add­ons  are very helpful and seller’s best friend when it comes while adding additional  information regarding the product.



In Webkul, we provide many popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe,  MangoPay, Braintree, etc. Our   payment gateway  splits the payment from the  customer automatically between sellers and admin. So the load is reduced on the  admin’s end of transferring amount manually to the sellers.  Even our payment module called   Magento Marketplace PayPal Adaptive  Payment  &   Magento Marketplace MangoPay Payment   even allows refund­  partial and complete. Sellers and admin­ both can do the refund from their end  and this feature allows to gain the trust of the customers in terms of payment.



In the Marketplace, shipping can be of two types­ Admin Driven and  Seller/Vendor Driven. In Admin­Driven, shipping rates are managed by the  admin from the admin panel and in the Seller­Driven, seller manages the  shipping rates from the front­end. In Webkul shipping can be managed by the admin as well as by the sellers. After the order is placed, then the seller, can  generate shipment from their end. For the shipping rates, we have fantastic  add­on –   Magento Marketplace Shipping per product per country   where a seller  can add shipping rates for different countries and can add different shipping  rates for different products.




On the product page, the customer can see product condition,  Seller information, shipping details, payment details, return details for that product. The customer can also see the delivery date of that product. Overview of the products are provided and options are provided to the customers. If the customer clicks on the seller link, it will be redirected to the Seller Collection  page. The customer can ask question to the seller also from the product page.


Webkul Magento marketplace provides many inbuilt features for its customers. In the product page, the customer can view product images, link to the Seller’s  shop. When clicked on that link then the customer will be redirected to the  seller’s profile. The customer can email that particular to their friend and the customer can make reviews for the product from the product page.


Ask Seller a Question Feature­-

This feature can be achieved by installing an add­on called   Magento  Marketplace Seller Buyer Communication  By the help of this add­on  the buyer  can communicate with seller regarding their query about particular product and  seller can respond to the same.


Still have a query, Please Contact Us and we will get back to your query as soon  as possible.

Disclaimer- eBay is a registered trademark. Webkul is not a partner or an affiliator of eBay. This blog is only for the user perspective.


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