CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain

The Vendor Subdomain allows the admin to provide suppliers with their own domains and Subdomains.

Here, the sellers can insert any keyword into the URL without creating and registering a new website

Independent vendors can use this module to create their subdomain for their products on the Multi-Vendor site.   

Hence, Vendor Subdomain is a great plugin that helps multi-vendor site vendors to create a sub-domain for their items.




In the CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain, each vendor has its domain and sub-domain by which customers use to purchase things directly.

On the multi-vendor website, this extension will allow merchants to create a subdomain for their products.

The module works with the default CS-Cart add-ons, such as the vendor’s SEO plan. Hence, it also allows the panel to be created according to the vendor’s plan.

On a Multi-Vendor site, CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain is a great module that allows merchants to build a sub-domain for their products.

Subdomain Access for the Vendor

Customers can purchase the vendor’s products straight from the vendor’s subdomain or domain, as the vendor has subdomains.


Access to the Vendor’s Subdomain

Customers can buy the vendor’s items directly from the subdomain or domain of the vendor since the vendor has subdomains.

Featured Product Page 

The vendor can specify a domain or subdomain for simply showing products.

Panel of Vendors

The buyer can purchase the product straight from this panel using the vendor’s subdomain URL.


This module easily generates more traffic for the store, with the main goal to grab clients’ attention to it, resulting in increased sales.

As a result of this module, the admin can allocate independent domains or Subdomains to vendors, by allowing customers to access the vendor’s domain or subdomains without having to visit the marketplace.

As the vendor selects the plans, it allows the admin to create a domain or Subdomain in the vendor panel.


This module gives several advantages in terms of e-commerce business, the admin can assign separate domains or subdomains to the vendors

Small, targeted stores and big brand outlets can reach a larger audience by selling online here are the various advantages of e-commerce for both firms and customers.


Vendor Subdomains are simple to set up and utilize, and this aid in the expansion of your online presence.

The main advantage of this module is the URLs for the vendor’s sub-domain are simple to read and recognize.

Moreover, customers can purchase things directly from the vendor’s subdomain by using this add-on.

Here, the customers can buy the vendor’s products and items straight from the Vendor’s Subdomain. 


That’s all about Vendor Subdomain Add-on for CS-Cart.

Moreover, if you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at Webkul Support System.



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