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How to build a Magento2 ebook Marketplace ?

In an ebook marketplace, you allow your sellers to place ebook on your store. Personally, I like the concept of ebook marketplace very much because you do not need to deal with physical part of a marketplace. The thing which is very good about ebook Marketplace is, it does not need any shipping feature or you do not need to manage inventory. Once the product is sold the customer receives it.

If you are looking forward to build an ebook store then you need to select a reputed platform which is secure and supports downloadable products like Magento2. Or if you can manage resources then you can also hire some genius developers to create ebook marketplace for you from scratch. According to your requirements, you can select the features you want under your ebook marketplace. However, for ebook Marketplace, you need to keep few key feature in mind like security, performance, and customer engagement on the website. I would like to discuss few features which can be used under Magento2 to build a better eBook Marketplace with good performance and security.

Static Content Deployment


On a rented server you can only store a limited amount of data. Also, if customers will use the same server for downloading then it will affect the speed and performance of the website. To make your website more faster you can deploy the static content of your website like images, downloadable files, etc to a different server. For this, you can integrate Amazon S3 servers. Amazon S3 integration is used to store static data of the website like images, music files or any downloadable files. You need to setup the Amazon S3 in such a way so that sellers can enter their account information and upload the files to their Amazon account. With the use of this feature, all the static data will be stored on Amazon S3 and when anyone will download the file on their system the load will be on Amazon server instead of yours. This will reduce the load on your servers and increase the performance of the website. After the payment, you can simply provide a link to the customers to download the eBook they have purchased.

Security Authentication

If you are providing a link for downloading to the customers then it can be used by anyone. Or you can say that the downloadable link which you are providing can be misused. To make your eBook downloadable links secure you need to keep the downloadable link private. For example, if you are providing Amazon S3 downloadable link then it should only work when the user session and bucket session are same. It means that the system should check if the user who has purchased the ebook is logged in while accessing the link or not.

You can also use a two-way authentication or extra layer of authentication. For example, when a customer clicks to download a file you can do an authentication of email or mobile. Here, an OTP will send to the mobile or email of the customer. Customer will only be able to download the file after entering the OTP. Also, if you are providing a pdf format file then you can lock it send the password to customer email after purchase.

Watermark the Pages for Branding & Stopping Duplicity 


If you are selling a downloadable product then the users can download the file start selling the file on their own store. For this, you need to take steps to so that it can be stopped. Here, you can use watermark feature where each page of the ebook will contain the store watermark. There are many advantages of adding watermark. For example, no one can directly print and sell the hard copy. No one can directly sell the ebook on their store. Also, it helps in the branding of the store.

Make Your Product More Interesting

If you have placed placing ebook with normal description then the customers will only come to your store to search specific books they want. You can provide your customer access to few pages like the introduction, an interesting chapter, startup of the story, etc. In this way, customers can browse the books on your store and read the book contents. This will increase the customer engagement on your ebook marketplace and also the conversion rate.

How Can You Start an ebook Marketplace ?

How to build ebook marketplace

If you select a platform like Magento2 which is secure and supports downloadable product then you can go for Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Magento2. The Magento2 Marketplace supports simple, downloadable, configurable and virtual products. Here, the admin has the option to configure the module in such way so that a seller can only add downloadable products. For this, admin can go to the module configuration and select the product type for sellers. The advantage of this feature is in case you want to expand your ebook marketplace to a marketplace for all types of goods then you can do this without any issue. In future, you can allow your sellers to place virtual, simple and configurable products. Also, Magento2 Marketplace provides many more features like separate seller profile, seller review system, order management for sellers, etc. You can check the complete working of Magento2 Marketplace by visiting our demo and user guide.


The codes of the modules are open. If you want you can customize the module from your end. Further, if you want customization services then you can contact us by creating a ticket here


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