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WordPress Woocommerce Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Payment

User Guide

Using the WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Adaptive Payment Extension, dynamically split the payment from the customers between the seller(secondary receivers) and the admin(primary receiver) automatically within the marketplace.

The extension allows the admin to have the functionality to split the order total with the secondary receivers so that the payment and commission can easily be distributed among the receivers of the marketplace.

In the chained payment type, the payment is first made to the primary receiver who keeps some of the payment and then pays the rest to one or more secondary receivers.

Important Note : Adaptive Payments is now a limited release product. It is restricted to select partners for approved use cases and should not be used for new integrations without guidance from PayPal. You can check it on Paypal

And in the parallel type payment, the payment is split amongst the admin and the involved sellers instantly.

To make use of this extension you must have first installed the WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension.


  • Payment is Split among the the admin and the respective sellers dynamically.
  • The admin will get the Commission based on Sellers.
  • Multiple Seller Support.

This extension allows you to have –

In a marketplace it’s always important to have an efficient payment option that splits the order payment automatically within the primary(the store admin) and secondary receivers(involved sellers) of the marketplace.

PayPal Adaptive Payment

This allows the admin to receive his commission and the sellers cann receive their payment very efficiently even if there are multiple sellers involved in the same order.

This extension is an efficient payment option for the marketplace as it splits the payment form the customer dynamically without any restrictions.

There might be time when a customer has multiple seller products in the cart and goes for a checkout. For this scenario, this extension comes handy as the extension handles the respective seller payments and splits the payment within the sellers dynamically.

PayPal Adaptive Payment

The sellers just need to save their PayPal credentials for receiving the payments within their PayPal account and the rest is taken care by the payment method.

A quick and safer transaction is a highly required feature with a successful marketplace. Using this extension, the customers can pay quickly and safely for their orders without the need to worry about the online transaction security that is taken care by the world class payment gateway itself.

PayPal Adaptive Payment Safer Payments

The customers just needs to select the PayPal Adaptive Payment option after which they get redirected to the PayPal login. After entering their credentials for the PayPal, the customer can make a payment for his order fast and without worrying about the safety of the transaction.

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