WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission allows the admin to set commission on products, categories, and subcategories. The admin can set rule for the commission from the seller.

The commission is the amount which the admin charges from the seller for the sales of the product. It is the structure by which the store owner can generate revenue.

Now the management of the commission by the store owner is made much easy without the requirement any additional manual effort.

Thus, the module can be helpful in-

Revenue Generation

The plugin can allow the splitting of the revenue generated by the seller. So, the admin will get in the share of each and every transaction. The admin can easily set in the rules as per the requirement.

WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission

Set Rule For Commission-

The rules can be set by the admin as per-

  • Admin can set commission on products.

This plugin allows admin to set commission at the product level. If admin set commission to a product then it gets higher priority while calculating commission.

WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission

  • Admin can set commission on categories.

If the admin wants to set commission on categories to charge commission from the seller on the basis on categories then, it can be done with the help of this plugin.

WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission

  • Admin can set commission on specific seller categories.

Now admin can even set commission on specific seller also. This is a very effective feature, now admin can provide different commission for different seller categories.

  • Admin can set commission on products and categories together. 

Sometimes there is a requirement that a product lies in a category but admin wants to charge a different commission on that specific product instead of the whole category. So this plugin gives this functionality to admin to set a commission on the specific product.

The rules can add/edit the commission rule wherein the Product based commission has the highest priority.

Thus, the calculation of the commission here is on the basis of percentage or fixed rate.

Monetary Strategy Creation-

Its time for the admin to generate more revenue with the help of a pricing structure. The admin can make their own business structure to be in this competitive market.

That’s all for the WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission Plugin still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the plugin better at webkul.uvdesk.com.

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