Marketplace Single Seller Checkout for WooCommerce

With the variety of products in the eCommerce industry, we also have multiple customers with different behavior and choices. Marketplace Single Seller Checkout for WooCommerce allows the customer to fulfill one of their choices, i.e. checking out with a single seller product.

The product delivery process includes multiple processes and steps to fulfill the requirement of accurate delivery and customer satisfaction. Single seller checkout will provide the customer with swift delivery. 

WooCommerce Marketplace Single Seller Checkout will reduce the time taken to pick up the order from multiple sellers and the products will be taken from a single seller that will be faster. Also, commission sharing will become easier and more accurate. 

The customer will also receive the products and orders in the best time possible. Multiple payment methods are also available for the convenience of customers. 


Real-Life Scenario for Marketplace Single Seller Checkout 

Let’s consider an example where you are ordering multiple sellers’ products, then what will be the problems a customer will have to face. First is, the products will come from multiple sellers, means multiple warehouses mean multiple distances, which means they will get delivered on different dates. Whereas a single seller checkout, single warehouse, single distance, and single date will be there. This example can be the easiest to understand the importance of this module. This will surely decrease the efforts and time required.

Single seller checkout also provides multiple benefits to the customer for providing the best experience and shopping satisfaction to the customer. The admin allows the feature from the backend. After that, the customer will receive the popup for not adding multiple seller’s products to the cart. It also benefits the customers in more different ways. Some of the most effective benefits are provided in the list below:

As it is well known to the eCommerce sellers and the admin, that there is a particular amount of commission that is distributed among them. So, sharing the commission among a single seller for a specific order will be easier for the system. And the commission can be shared in the form of a particular amount and fixed. 

Even after the module is enabled there may be the chance that the customer will add multiple seller’s products. So there must be some pop-ups and notifications that tell the customer about the feature. Here in this module we also have these restriction popups available that will appear instantly after the customer tries to add the different seller’s product to the cart. 

The popup will be available on multiple pages like the product page, category page, or cart page. This is because the customer can add the products to the cart. 


As discussed before if the number of sellers for any order will not be multiple. The commission distribution will be more easier and accurate. Because of this, the order management will be easier as the order will be picked up from a single seller. Order processing and delivery will be very fluent and fast.  

This will also enhance the customer checkout process and make it faster. The customer can also choose the products from the desired seller from which they are used to buying the products or like the specific seller’s products. Customer can also search for the desired seller and buy the range of products from them. The customer will process the checkout faster and receive the order as soon as possible. 

Now let’s see how the feature is enabled and how it kick-started. The admin can simply enable the feature of the module from the backend. 

There is a separate admin panel from which the admin can easily enable the feature by check-marking the box available as shown in the image below:


As there are still the chances that the customer can try to add the products from multiple seller products. So below is the image shown how exactly the popup appears at the top of the page.



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