WooCommerce Marketplace Pre Order Plugin

Using the WooCommerce Marketplace Pre Order extension allows the customers of the WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace to purchase the products that are currently out of stock or not released yet.

The sellers and store owner both can add pre order to their products. So that these products can then be offered for sales as pre-order products. You can add pre order to a Simple, Downloadable, Virtual and Variable products.

Understanding what the current demand for certain products is very significant. It lets the sellers know which product to make use of for the pre order so the sales will be higher. It may be an innovative product or a one that’s in demand but out of stock.

The module will allow you to

If you are having products that are out of stock then you can start offering them as pre-order products within your website. Opening preorders will allow your customers to get the products they want through advance reservations, without having to worry about these selling out.

Thus pre-order guarantees a certain amount of sales and revenue as you would have sold the products even before they are even made available.

out of stock

Pre-orders can be used as a useful survey to determine the demand for your products in a target market. This usually helps out to estimate what quantity you need to fulfill the demands. Bringing out the products as pre-order surely helps in understanding the demand for the products and in turn you can be future ready for the quantity to be purchased.

Future demands

If we are knowing the future demands for the pre-launch products, it makes easy to reserve the products in advance and thereby helps in maintaining the correct stock of the products. Thus you can fulfill your future orders by reserving the products in advance.

Always try setting up a clear payment flow for the products in pre-order. As this would directly influence the mindset of the customers. Requesting a full or a partial payment to the customer might be a good idea as this could convert to more number of sales for sure.

You can easily allow the customers to make a full or a partial payment for the pre order products that helps in more sales of the products that you are offering.

partial payment method

When expectation builds over time before the product goes “Now Available” a lot of demands emerge like a floodgate. So it is important for you to create a buzz for the pre-released products and setting up the products for pre-order will surely be a marketing tool even before the products become available for purchase.

marketing tool

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