WooCommerce Marketplace Point Of Sale System

Using WooCommerce Marketplace Point of Sale extension, the marketplace sellers can manage their physical store and WooCommerce store sales simultaneously. The point of Sale (POS) System refers to a system where the merchant can create the order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be generated in the WooCommerce.

The Basic feature of the POS system is to create the order in front of the customer so that customer can purchase the goods from the physical store as well as from the online eCommerce store.

This is one of the key points if one is running a physical store and website simultaneously. The seller and admin can separately assign the product and give it a quantity. 


The major purpose of any Point of Sale system is to manage and expand the business to a relatively higher level. For this, there is a requirement for a massive management system and this module will fulfill the need.


With the help of multiple outlet creation, one can easily manage stores at multiple locations. This will allow coverage of the maximum area in a sorted way.

The sellers and admin cannot be a part of every store they own. So in order to manage the store, they can create multiple outlets and assign them, Cashier.


These cashiers can log in with the credentials created by admin or seller and conduct the daily task of recording transactions in the POS.

Customer loyalty is one of the major components if one is operating a physical store. This is due to the fact we always want the customer to visit the store. We can achieve this by saving the details of the customer and register them on the store.


With the customer’s information, the store owner can share details of offers and discount or can present goodies or hampers to special customers, etc.

In addition, the information enables a fast and easy checkout process.

The cashier can conduct the transaction in both online and offline mode. In online mode, the transaction is conducted normally and get synchronized in POS and WooCommerce instantly.


However, in offline mode, the transaction and orders are saved locally and when internet connectivity is back, the agent can easily synchronize the offline data to the online data.

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